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Feb 8, 2008 06:34 AM

Banquet for 30- HELP!

A friend needs to find somewhere that'll do a luncheon for 30. Needs to have great food, but not too terribly expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Why not try one of the Brennan restaurants. I know that the restaurant "Brennan's" can accomodate 30 people upstairs in there meeting/dining rooms. Great ambiance and great food. May not be too pricey. Also maybe "Red Fish Grill", another Brennan restaurant. It can definately accomodate 30 people and I don't think is too terribly expensive as well. Also try Mr. B's and Ralph's on the Park (across the street from City Park) - both Brennan restaurants. All have great food a great service and ambiance. Try going to to check out venues.

    Good Luck!


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        The upstairs rooms at Ralph's on the Park are lovely--several have galleries/balconies overlooking City Park. The food is dependable, though a little on the boring side. Nothing unpredictable or cutting edge, and usually a good value for the price.

        Don't know what ranks as "not too terribly expensive" but Cannon's has an upstairs room that's suitable for a seated group lunch--good for an organizational meeting or such. The food is decent; nothing to write home about, but not bad in any way and the menu has enough choices to make most everyone in a big group happy.

      2. Did you try Fiorella's on decatur street. They have a seperate dining room and everyone can order of the menu for about 10 a person or less. I gnore that other review. this is my favorite place ever to eat.

        1. This is a re-post of my reply to another similsr thread:

          I live in San Diego, and make about a half-dozen trips to New Orleans each year.

          I was married in the FQ in November '04, and we had a rehearsal dinner for about 50 people at the Palace Cafe on Decatur. The service and food were excellent, and the staff was extremely well-prepared for our large party.

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                Yes, it is. I plead temporary stupidity.