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Feb 8, 2008 06:21 AM

Let's Talk Tampa

Gonna be in Tampa for a long weekend with the fam-damily and wanna hit a few good spots while I'm there. On the list already for sure are Bern's, Charlie's and La Segunda for pastries and cubans. Last time I was there I ate at a great little Cuban/Spanish spot called Don Jose's , I think, which was excellent. Looking for other GREAT Cuban and Spanish food. Any price range is fine, but we won't be going back to the Columbia. . . Especially interested in back-road, back-alley and out of the way spots. Meat-and-three's, cafeteria's and BBQ shacks are also of interest! Thanks, Chowhounders!

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  1. I like Las Margaritas off of Hillsborough Traditional Cuban, don't expect anything fancy.
    4031 W Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL 33614
    (813) 886-0525

    Another is La Ideal
    La Ideal Cafeteria
    2924 W Tampa Bay Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33607
    (813) 870-0150

    1. Aguila Sandwich Shop

      This place is down to earth, great folks running this place.
      (ex-owners of La Ideal)

      Aguila Sandwich Shop
      3200 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
      (813) 876-4022

      Lot's of local folks, food's good, cheap.
      Small place and loud.
      Mixed clientelle, Spanish, English and Spanglish all at the same time.

      1. Great Cuban on Columbus, cafeteria style, the servers barely speak english, very authentic and delicious. It's called, Arco-Iris.
        3328 W Columbus Dr
        Tampa, FL 33607

        (813) 879-1357

        If you've already been to Bern's i would suggest trying Sidebern's, personally i prefer it.

        I'm not to familiar with the rest of Tampa.

        1. Antojitos for Colombian goodies like empanadas, pan de yuca, and whole fried tilapia (on Armenia).
          La Casona for the best Puerto Rican mofongo in town (also on Armenia).