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Feb 8, 2008 06:10 AM

Best Soups in Charlotte

I love soup! I could have soup for lunch every day. Back when I worked downtown (10 years ago!), I actually really enjoyed going to Spratts for lunch to get soup because they made their own - usually with leftovers. Soup is filling, warming and satisfying, and if you go fo the right one, it is kind to your waist line.

I don't make it downtown for lunch anymore, but I would be willing to make the drive for a good bowl of soup. My husband swears by the lunch deal at Aquavina: their house salad with a cup of soup ofr $6, not including tax and tip. They make Cream of Tomato daily. He also loves the Onion Soup Gratinee at Ruths Chris.

I am partial to the soups at Something Classic. They make a very good Tomato Bisque as well as several wonderful chowders.

So - who else makes great soups - in house only! I cannot tolerate soups that obviously come from something like Sysco. These usually mean gloppy, overly thick soups like broccoli cheese, potato cheese or salt-laden chicken noodle.

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  1. I like the she-crab soup at Eddie's two on Sharon Amity.

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    1. re: Hapy

      Definitely the she crab at Eddie's Place. I'd also recommend the lemon grass soup at Bangkok Ocha. The pho at Pho 98. I haven't been in a while, but the salad bar soups at Talley's on East Blvd. were always delicious. This is a great post. I am a huge soup fan and am enjoying some right now. You've reminded me about Something Classic which never gets enough love on this site. They always do a great job.

    2. Did u make it to Soup on Sunday at CPCC a couple of weeks ago? That is a soup lover's paradise. About 40 top CLT restaurants were represented.

      Trio at Hwy 51 & McMullen Creek Pkwy has an incredible Mulligatawny soup (chix broth based, cream, curry, chix, celery, onions carrots). They also have a nice French onion soup topped off w/ puff pastry & Mozz chs. They have homemade daily soups in addition to those two, which are on the menu every day. I like their cream of asparagus & the pork w/ poblano too. (Can u tell I love soup too).

      I think Trio is a great lunch spot. I love their Cobb salad. There spinach salad is awesome too w/ feta cheese, bacon, red onion and the "Killer" dressing rocks!

      Is Something Classic that place on monroe rd?

      (yeah, the she-crab at Eddie's is great. So are the soups at Global).

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      1. re: lynnlato

        Lynn - here are Something Classic's locations. We used to use them for catering when I was at the Bank and they were so good I started going myself. I always forget about Trio. We used to go all the time when we first moved down here. I will have to swing by soon and try that French Onion!

        The Villa in Myers Park
        715 Providence Rd. / 704.347.3666

        Uptown Hearst Tower
        Courtyard Plaza
        220 N. Tryon St. / 704.331.9158

        Plaza Midwood
        1323 Cental Ave. / 704.377.1825

        Harris Teeter Express
        Myers Park - 115 Providence Rd. / 704.338.9100
        Uptown - West 6th & Pine St. / 704.332.8479

        Black Lion Pineville
        10605 Park Rd. / 704.540.0789

        Ballantyne - Opening Summer 2007 at Gourmet Enhancements
        12206 Copperway Suite 122 / 704.543.0033

        1. re: southernitalian

          You're a rock star! Thanks, girl.

          Now you've jogged my memory - there location on Central is near my hair salon! Next time I'm up there to have something done to my do I"ll grab some soup!

      2. When I worked downtown (and thanks for not calling it uptown) in the late 90s, I used to love a soup they made at Just Fresh. I am trying to recall it exactly, and my memory is not very good, but it had wild rice in it, I believe.

        Perhaps they still make it and someone else can pipe in on this.

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        1. re: brentk

          I believe that would be their cream of chicken and wild rice soup. I'd go to the First Union (not Wachovia!) Atrium for that. You know, Dickadee's Deli makes a good one too. What I miss from the old downtown Charlotte was Leo's Deli in Overstreet Mall. They had the best dill pickles in the world! I know they've relocated to Elizabeth Avenue, but it is just not the same place.

        2. Fenwicks has the absolute best homemade soups in town.
          They always have the tomato bisque and then one other comfy addition.
          I adore the chicken noodle and corn sausage chowder.

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          1. re: jshogh

            I agree - Fenwicks does have great soups.

          2. Not 100% sure if it is made in-house but my co-worker swears the Brunswick stew at Reid's Grocery is some of the best he's ever had.