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Feb 8, 2008 05:59 AM

Miyabi vs. Inaho in Richmond hill

I finally had a chance to try Miyabi last night and was not disappointed. Really enjoyed the okonomyaki (served in a small cast iron skillet, a bit different than what I had in Osaka), takoyaki and hamachi sushi roll. Next time I'll have to try their crab croquettes, plus wife is pregnant so we didn't have much raw fish. Kept reading about all the horror stories of their slow kitchen service, which was true for 2 cooked dishes (avoid the yakiniku, overly salted beef slices). Otherwise the 2 waitresses working there were very nice.

Now I'm wondering about Inaho across the street. Do they have a similar menu? Which dishes are their standouts?

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  1. There are much less item on Inaho's menu. The sushi I had there one time is horrible, service is also very slow as there is only one sushi chef and one waitress. The Gyudon (beef rice bowl) is too sweet. Well, maybe it is not always like that.

    1. Thanks. I haven't been to Miyabi this year, I was hearing that they were losing their touch, plus Cafe Michi is so convenient and great value for me. Your post has inspired me to revisit next week.