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Feb 8, 2008 05:51 AM

ISO Birthday Lunch for Fussy Mom

Mom does like nice things, but sees an expensive menu and flips out. I think she still eats a fried egg or grilled cheese sandwich every day as her main staple. She pretty much hates all meat EXCEPT pork, believe it or not - loves bacon, ham, pork chops. And here am I, her son - the foodie. Within these parameters, do any of you have any suggestions on where I can take her to lunch for her 58th b-day? She lives in Van Nuys/Valley Glen and I live in West Hollywood. Thanks!

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  1. How about Ca' del Sole in North Hollywood/Univ. City? If her birthday is coming up shortly, the weather is projected to be very nice for the next several days and their garden is a lovely spot for al fresco dining. I'm thinking there would be pastas to your mom's liking, some with pork products, and enough variety for you to eat well too. Plus, it's not overly expensive.

    1. The Valley Inn?

      I've been there once and I remember the pork chops to be good. By the way, your mom has good taste -- I could eat chops everyday (if i could!)

      I hope she has a great birthday :)

      The Valley Inn
      4557 Sherman Oaks Ave
      Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-3011
      Phone: (818) 784-1163

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        How long ago were you at the Valley Inn? It was a mainstay in the Valley forever but several years ago it changed hands and not for the better. Maybe it was just my experience. Based on $$ I would highly recommend Cafe Bizou. I love Bistro Garden as well for atmosphere but you should check out the menu $$ first. I haven't been in years but Rive Gauche had a very nice garden atmosphere. La Frite in Woodland Hills might be an options too.

        1. re: Fru

          We tried the Valley Inn not too long ago out of nostalgia on my part. Suffice it to say, I am now completely over my nostalgia and will not make that mistake again.

          I think your Bistro Garden recommendation is a good one. Rive Gauche also is a very nice setting with acceptable food.

      2. Your mom sounds like a Southern Gal! Is she?

        In Sherman Oaks, she might like:
        Cafe Bizou
        cafe Cordiale
        Marmalade Cafe
        Boneyard bistro (GOOOD BBQ pork-is it open for lunch? take her to dinner!)
        Il Tiramisu
        LA Frite
        Bistro Garden
        ca Del Sole (hide the menu!)
        Aroma Cafe in Tujunga

        In West Hollywood
        Angeli caffe

        In the area near there
        Comme Ca
        The Foundry

        Heck, take her to Grace if you can, the Pork there is supposed to be good.

        I love the Valley in, but it is sorta stuck in a steak house time-warp. But I love it for that.

        1. Hmmm... intriguing... Pork AND inexpensive... How 'bout taking Mom out to try a bowl of Japanese ramen? The broth is all porkalicious! And it won't break the bank.

          Santouka (Centinela, in West LA)
          Chabuya (Sawtelle)
          Daikokuya (Little Tokyo)