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Feb 8, 2008 05:48 AM

Saturday lunch party in Brooklyn

My relatives are throwing my boyfriend and I a luncheon in celebration of our upcoming marriage. They are coming from out of town to host; we're looking for suggestions of places to dine. There will probably be about 20 guests and we're looking for a place in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill-ish area, Park Slope or DUMBO. Nothing too fancy, just good food and comfortable place to hang out for a couple of hours, maybe sip a bit of wine in the afternoon.

We thought of Bar Tabac because they have that back room/wine cask, but it gets kinda hot and crazy in there on the weekends. Other thoughts included Superfine (love the idea of strolling in that nabe or promenade before/after). Suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Bocca Lupo in Cobble HIll

    1. Maybe Pacifico? That's pretty spacious. I like Pit Stop too, but I guess that's more of a summer place with the garden and all... I really like Cafe on Clinton, but it's probably bad for a big party, Frankie's too.. I think Superfine is a better idea though.

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        What about Frankies 457? they are delicious, comfortable to hang in, and definitely have you covered in the wine department.

        Also, I bet Lunetta on Smith would be a good spot for a 20 person lunch. Their dining room isn't that much larger than that, that you could probably negotiate your group to be the only party there.

        1. re: vatl619

          I agree with Frankies 457 - great idea - even if its raining you can get the really cool detached back building/room. Or eat out in the sun if its nice. Or, if you want ot go old school, Ferdinandos