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Mexican or Greek - hidden finds?

I LOVE Mexican food as well as Greek food. My best friend will be visiting me this weekend and shares this love as well. Any suggestions as to where we can find any dives or hole in the wall type places? I'm kind of sick of the upscale scene and just want to relax and eat some seriously good food.


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  1. I'm not from Manhattan, but on a previous visit the NY Hounds directed me to Nicks in Hell's Kitchen. It was quite good Greek fare -- delicious grilled fish..

    1. For Greek, I love Ethos and Pylos.

      For Mexican...are you looking for authentic or Tex-Mex?


      1. TEHUITZINGO is the consummate manhattan back-bodega hole in the wall taqueria. it's on 10th ave bet 47-48 sts. highly rec'd.

        ETHOS on 33rd at 3rd (or "nyaa, toidy toid-n-toid doc" as bugs bunny would say ;0 ) is a fine, unpretentious greek. always crowded.

        GUS' PLACE in the village is a bit cheaper for greek. its lost a step or two from its move, but its still a decent greek fix.

        1. For Greek, Pylos, Snack Taverna, or Ethos.

          1. Greek Kitchen on 10th ave and 58th st is good and reasonably priced. But I really like Snack Taverna.

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              Mole for Mexican on Allen Street I believe.

            2. For bona fide Mexican place that is definitely not upscale, go to Puebla on 1st Ave at 3rd St. Big portions, good prices, and guaranteed to satisfy. And if you're up for a little trip, search "arepa lady." She runs a cart in Jackson Heights that always has a line. I don't know if she's out this time of year though.

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                The Arepa Lady isn't Mexican. I think she's Columbian.

              2. noche mexicana and taqueria y fonda are tasty and authentic Mexican dives on the UWS. they serve mostly street food style cuisine. (i.e. tacos, sopes, huaraches)

                there really aren't any really good, divey greek places that i know of, though the ones folks have mentioned on this thread already are moderately priced. all of them are quite civilized.

                Taqueria y Fonda La Mexicana
                968 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

                Noche Mexicana
                852 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

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                  I second both of these places - for different fare. Both are among the most authentic I've tried here in NYC.

                  T&F La Mexicana does just about everything well, but there can be a long wait to get in. Once in, try the tortas, the tacos dorados, or any of the main courses on the entree menu. The students that eat here always get burritos. I'm sure they're fine, but what a waste when the rest of the food is authentic and delicious. I get their tortas delivered about once a week - the meat is good quality.

                  Noche - the chalupas and chilequiles are excellent here. The tortas not so much. Tacos are good in both places.

                  For the best tacos in the nabe, though, go to the famed Super Taco truck on 96th and broadway.