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Feb 8, 2008 05:22 AM

good food on the way to, and in hershey

my husband and i are travelling from philly to hershey tonight and I'd love a great rec on a place to stop for dinner. Also, where should we eat while we are there??



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  1. That's a tough one as Hershey is not only the capital for chocolate but also for chain restaurants.

    I went to a place called Your Place that was ok, but the menu was basically typical of a chain.

    Here are two links that may be of assistance

    1. Stop at Stoudts Brewery on your drive. You'll have better luck in Harrisburg than in Hershey, try Mangia Qui or Bayou

      1. In Hummelstown, which is right next to Hershey, there's Al Mediterraneo. It's a terrific authentic Italian restaurant (in other words, not red sauce).

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          wow - that looks great - I have spent many a night in nearby Grantville and wish I knew about this place!

          1. The best restaurants in Hershey tend to be in Harrisburg. We have enjoyed DeMarco's on Chocolate Avenue and I have seen Al Mediterraneo recommended several times. I would also second Stoudt's in Adamstown for dinner on the way to Hershey.

            1. Obviously it's too late now, but for future reference....I highly recommend the Hershey Pantry, out of town on Chocolate Ave (I think it's choc. ave.)---give it a try for lunch or dinner.....