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Feb 8, 2008 05:20 AM

soft tacos?

I can't seem to find good tacos in manhattan. similar to the kind you would get at the red hook fields.

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  1. although i haven't had the famous tacos of red hook, i am a big fan of the tacos at taqueria y fonda on amsterdam (between 106th and 107th or maybe 108th...). i haven't had them in a while, but i remember them being simple and great and two were cheaper than a beer.

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      I randomly went into El Paso Taqueria on 103 and Lexington after working at the Yorkville Food Pantry (a little shameless self congratulations). I really thought the tacos were superb. I tried the beef, pork and chicken and they were all good. The place was very clean, full of locals and efficiently run by a friendly staff.

    2. Tehuitzingo has terrific tacos that are full worth the trip to 10th Avenue. Tulcingo del Valle is also an exceptional spot.