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Lots of egg whites. What to do?

I have approximately five cups worth of egg whites in the freezer. This weekend I'm bringing the dessert to a dinner party, and I'd like to use some of the whites.

Any suggestions for what I could do with at least a cup's worth of egg whites? Can I make a chocolate souffle or mousse only with egg whites and no egg yolks?

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  1. angel food cake, meringue, macaroons, pavlova

    I recall making a chocolate souffle a while back which used a lot of egg whites (maybe 6 or 8?) and very few yolks (1 or 2?). If you're interested, I can see if I can dig it up.

    I usually have the opposite problem from eating egg white omelets every morning. Any suggestions for what to do with those extra yolks in the fridge?

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      The chocolate angel food cake in Cake Bible uses 16 egg whites. And it's really good!

      I make lemon curd or other custard type things w/ leftover yolks, or you cold make sabayon to go over fruit. Otherwise, my cat likes 'em.

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        This chocolate angel food cake is toally delicious. And gets so big it almost escapes from my KitchenAid 5-qt while mixing.

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        Definitely creme brulee with the extra yolks.

      3. Whites; financiers or almond macaroons.
        Yolks can go in the freezer until you want a custard one evening, just cut off frozen nut-sized pieces, toss in flour then piece by piece whisked into the cooking custard mixture to thicken and emulsify.

        1. I recently discovered Marshmallow Meringue and my family really likes it.

          Marshmallow Meringue

          4 egg whites
          6 Tbs granulated sugar
          1/4 tsp cream of tartar
          dash of salt

          2-1/2 cups mini marshmallows
          1 Tbs milk

          Beat egg whites, cream of tartar and salt until foamy. While still beating egg whites, add 1 Tbs of sugar every 30 seconds until all is used. Keep beating egg whites until stiff peaks form. Set aside until needed.

          Add milk and marshmallows to a sauce pan and heat over medium heat. Using rubber spatula, fold until marshmallows are melted.

          Carefully fold marshmallows into meringue until well incorporated. Spread over pie, etc.

          This stuff is really good.

          1. chocolate souffles really need egg yolks but fruit ones don't. the best recipe for a raspberry souffle that I have found is Jaques Pepin's in La Technique.

            1. I recently made some coconut macaroons from the allrecipes website. simple and really delicious.

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                I'm not a fan of angel food cake, but there are other good ideas here:


              2. Here's a recipe for a great Italian cookie called "Bruti ma Buoni" (ugly but good), that uses egg whites and hazelnuts and is really delicious.


                1. I just used up 8 egg whites making the Almond Cake in Classic Italian Cooking. It came out very nicely. How on earth did you end up with 5 cups of egg whites? I make tons of ice cream, so I'm always looking for ways to use up whites. My favorite uses right now are the almond cake, baked oatmeal, and adding extra whites to scrambles and frittatas.

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                    The whites are leftover from making ice cream!

                  2. You can always freeze them in a baggie. Just make sure to write the quanitity on the bag. I always freeze my egg whites- saves on having to always seperate eggs when making merainges.

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                      Along those lines, you can freeze them in ice cube trays so that you can use a few here and there as you please. Measure them out into the tray. 1 egg white is approximately equal to 2 tablespoons.

                    2. brutti e buoni (along wiht your angel food cake)
                      2 parts whole almonds (grind in food processor)
                      1 part sugar
                      enough egg white (very lightly beaten) to make the mixture into a super thick mud that will hold together when you press it into a about a walnut sized shape. (you want them to be irregular--they're called ugly but good)

                      1. Oh definitely make pavlova. It's the most impressive dessert, hands down, and can be as lavish or sensible as you want. For lavish, of course, fill it with a mountain of whipped cream and the nicest berries or other fresh fruit you can find. Drizzle with chocolate or not. For sensible, mix plain or vanilla yogurt half and half with whipped cream or make a light mousse using a few more of the whites - and of course, always the fruit. You can also top it with lemon curd mixed with whipped cream.

                        1. Pavlova! I made one two weekends ago that was awesome, the hit of dinner and incredibly easy to make. Let me know if you need the recipe posted. If you don't know what a Pavlova is it's an Australian dessert, egg whites make the meringue base and you top it with whipped creame and fruit - i used kiwi and mixed berries.