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Feb 8, 2008 04:11 AM

Marcella Hazan Meatloaf braised in White Wine with Dried Wild Mushrooms

Hi all,
I have a hand written copy of this recipe but the last couple of steps are confusing. I think the person who copied this down got it wrong. Does anyone have this recipe? If so, could you post or tell just the last few steps. On my recipe they are listed as steps 7, 8 & 9.

thanks so much

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  1. - which ones are off here? I can go check and see if it's in one of my Marcella books.

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      Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking has a recipe for "Tuscan Meat Roll with White Wine and Porcini Mushrooms" that might be it, but the ingredients are a bit different than those in the link above, and includes tomatoes. It is essentially a meatloaf recipe - let me know if you think this is it.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Maybe. Ingredients include dried mushrooms, ground beef, bread, milk, onion, S&P, chopped prosciutto, parmesan, garlic, egg yolk, bread crumbs, butter, oil, dry white wine & tomato paste. Does this sound like it?

        1. re: lollypop

          Yes - except the last ingredient is 2/3 cup chopped tomatoes, not paste. The instructions are 1 - 7 in the book.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Do you keep the meat (roll) in the dutch oven when you are reducing the wine? Do you add the mushrooms and tomatoes to the dutch oven or a separate pan? This is where my recipe gets unclear. thanks for your help

            1. re: lollypop

              The recipe I have says to:

              1. Brown the meat on the stove top, turning it carefully.
              2. Add wine, let it bubble until reduced to half of volume - turn once or twice during this time as well.
              3. Turn heat to med. low, add chopped reconstituted porcinis, tomatoes (2/3 cup chopped), juices and filtered porcini juice. Cover tightly, adjust heat so it's at a gentle/steady simmer. Turn and baste meat once or twice..
              4. After 30 minutes, put the lid ajar slightly, and cook for another 30 minutes, turning meat once or twice.
              5. Let meat rest on cutting board a bit, slice - 3/8 inches - if juices are too runny, boil down a bit.

              Hope that helps.

      2. re: MMRuth

        No, a different meatloaf recipe. I am making both. thanks for checking in, though.