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Feb 8, 2008 04:03 AM

Help! James, Gayle, BPerrier, Marigold, Lacroix...?

My husband and I live in the western suburbs and rarely venture downtown for dinner, but we have good friends coming from out of town and would like to take them into the city.

We're going out on Saturday, Mar 1 - since it's coming up, I can't get reservations at some places, but there seems to be hope for the following restaurants. I would LOVE any feedback! We've never been to any of these...

Brasserie Perrier (I actually already made reservations here, but then have read less-than-great reviews)
Marigold Kitchen (I know the chef and menu recently changed)
Lacroix (I've only seen great reviews, but my husband is a bit of a "cautious eater" and the menu looks a little intimidating)

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. My order:

    Marigold Kitchen
    Brasserie Perrier

    1. Definitely not James. My husband and I were very disappointed in the food and the service. I would recommend Gayle - it's cozy, fun, interesting and delicious.

      1. Gayle is excellent - menu is very interesting and food is delicious. We've only eaten once at Lacroix under the current chef and were disappointed. Marigold Kitchen was very good but haven't tried it since the chef changed. We like Brasserie Perrier. The food was good at James but the portions were almost too small to see - I'm used to smaller portions but 2 scallops for a dinner entree (or maybe 1 scallop sliced in half) is ridiculous!

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          you know, i've heard that a lot about james. a lot of my friends have eaten there and liked it, but all mention the prices, in a way that you wouldn't about other restaurants in the same price range. kinda odd. seems to be a place that a lot of folks put into the "places I'd like to eat on someone else's dime" category.

        2. BP will be different when you are in town, they are changing their menu to get more casual. Might be worth a shot.

          1. I am going to Gayle tonight so I will have something to report tomorrow:)