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Sending chocolate

I am going to be apart from my significant other this Valentine's Day, and I'd like to have something really tasty and special sent to him (ie not Edible Arrangements or something generic). Any ideas for a New England-based chocolate company that would send chocolate? Thanks!

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  1. I'm sure Lake Champlain Chocolates out of VT will ship.

    Trying to think of other local chocolate companies.....

    This could be good as well http://www.newenglandtoffee.com/

    1. This guy ships, and his stuff is delicious.

      1. check out www.yankeemagazine.com .....this month they had an article on some of the top chocolatiers from each NE state. Article is on their website and I think they have links to each one.

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            Was coming here to post this. I've shipped Garrison's and given them as gifts before (and eaten a lot of it)----and it's my favorite. The gift boxes are so perfectly presented and everything is just so delicious. They do a LOT of shipping around Valentines Day and have the drill down, also.

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              You will not go wrong with either Garrison or Burdick's. Neither is cheap but both are fantastic.

          2. Burdick's in Walpole, NH ships and I've always had good luck ordering from their website. I like their filled mice and penquins. Mmmmm.


            1. I often use Bridgewater Chocolate based in Brookfield, CT for chocolate gifts that I send. Everything they make is fabulous.


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                I'd recommend Taza Chocloate: http://www.tazachocolate.com/. It's out of Sommerville, Mass, and it's excellent! Your valentine won't be disappointed....

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                  I actually think that this chocolate is a little weird.

              2. Top of the line, elegant, delicious, and expensive: http://www.chocolatesprings.com/. Good luck!

                1. Simply Divine Brownies in Brunswick, ME (http://www.simplydivinebrownies.com/)... a wide range of extraordinary brownies. They ship all over the world. If you're near Brunswick and can visit their shop/bakery/shipping facility (all in one room at Fort Andross on Maine Street) you can taste samples and save on internet order charges.

                  1. Check out www.deanssweets.com for amazing truffles with crazy flavors.

                    1. Chocolate Springs, Lenox, MA makes their own wonderful chocolates, and definitely ships.
                      Their signature chocolate is a raspberry ganache; honey lavender, all-nighter, bonsai (green tea) are some of the ones I love, but they have a wide variety and an excellent website.

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                        My absolute favorite is Chatham Candy Manor http://www.candymanor.com, and second runner up would be Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium (of Bar Harbor, ME, Cape Cod and the Vineyard) http://www.benandbills.com.