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Feb 7, 2008 11:29 PM

Coming to San Jose for Cirque de Soleil

Looking for a restaurant close to the show. I believe it's by the Tailor Street Bridge. I'm not very familiar with the area. Prefer Asian, but like most cuisine. Just in case we don't make it early enough any late night suggestions will be greatly appreciated too. Show starts at 8 pm and ends about 10:30 pm.

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  1. I'm trying to find something too (though I'm trying to avoid Japanese, because the friend I'm taking is returning to Japan on Thursday).

    I'm really not sure what the situation is like in terms of parking at a restaurant and walking. Any suggestions? I saw the thread from 2 years ago, but...anything current?

    We were considering Rehoboth, which is Ethiopian, but I'm worried about parking/walking. I doubt we'll have enough time to drive down, park, eat, drive over to the official Cirque parking, park, and get our tickets.

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      I drove by the site last week and the tent locates near the courthouse. There are some fast food restaurants nearby. Japantown is around 8 blocks away.
      I do not live in San Jose, so I am not sure whether it is safe to walk that far around that area.

    2. You could go to any of a number of places within walking distance in Japantown, and needn't fear for your safety: Okayama on N. 6th just south of Jackson St. is old school, family Japanese and cozy, at bargain prices; Kubota on N. 5th near Jackson a bit more updated, with a bar. I have heard the Korean BBQ place on Jackson is good, too. If you don't want Japanese or Korean, and/or if you need a later meal, try Seven on the Alameda, which pretty close by, but a bit far for walking. Dinner is served 5-10p.m., but I believe they provide food in the bar until midnight. They serve contemporary American things.

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        Hukilau, a Hawaiian place, is on Jackson. A nice change up. Gombei is also pretty good in J-town.