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Feb 7, 2008 10:52 PM

one dinner in Seattle

Please tell me where you would eat if you were in Seattle just one evening for dinner- I will be with my 17 year old daughter. We both like seafood and it isn't too great in LA so seafood would be good but open to suggestions. Matts has been suggested. Thanks so much!

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  1. Matt's would be a fine choice but my one-night-in-Seattle place would be the Palace Kitchen.

    (I strongly recommend the pan-fried oysters appetizer on the menu at the moment, FWIW)

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    1. re: terrier

      I second the Palace rec. There are better restaurants, but few as good *and* as fun.

      do Matt's for lunch (catfish or oyster po boy) then mussels at Maximiliens then (walk 1 block south) Totten oysters and seafood at Union. or Waterfront Grill if you're looking for more of a swanky atmosphere/water views

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        These choices are all great, (barleywino will never steer you wrong) but I will just add that i always add Ray's for out of towners. It is beautiful and great view, and consistently good seafood. Upstairs is casual cafe, downstairs is upscale. Matts for lunch allows you to try both!

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            Yes, Ray's Boathouse. It is in Ballard, a little closer to the U than downtown neighborhoods. It isn't the most creative or dynamic meal in town, but it is very "seattle". great seafood, great service and great view.

            barleywino, i was going to say i was surprised you haven't been, as you are always in the know, but i can see with so many amazing new chefs in town that it is easy to overlook and old stand by. it is my go-to for out of towners on a summer night after visiting the locks, can't beat clams, mussels and grilled fish with an olympic sunset! and they bring out blankies after sunset if you are chilled out on the deck!

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            i have yet to make it to Ray's so thanks for the recommendation!

        1. I would highly recommend Lark. Its not specifically seafood focused, but its small plates and I have had seafood plates there. Amazing.

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          1. re: Greghms

            Second the Lark rec. They certainly have their share of seafood on the menu.

          2. Just returned from a wonderful weekend in your beautiful city. Your suggestions were excellent! Mats in the Market was fantastic for lunch. The mussels and clams and the scallops were fresh and delicious. We had a great breakfast at Portage Cafe - near the University. Get there early as there was a long line by 8:30 am. Rays Boathouse was delightful for dinner. We enjoyed crumpets for breakfast at Pike Place and had a nice mother/daughter lunch at The Grill at Nordstrom. Their crab bisque was delicious. Not one bad meal - wish I could say the same for Los Angeles sometimes. Thanks for the great suggestions.

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              Glad you enjoyed it. As an addendum that's slightly off topic, my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles happens to be a very good seafood restaurant (The Hungry Cat). It's like Matt's in the Market, except through a Hollywood lens, but the soul is the same.

            2. Thanks - The Hungry Cat is on my list! I'm not sure if it is the allure of travel but I always seem to find great places in "other" cities.