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Feb 7, 2008 08:11 PM

Le Delice in Tucson - has anyone been??

Hey CHers!
Has anyone been the Le Delice in Tucson? My gastronomically enlightened Aunt and Uncle (and myself!) are in town right now for the Gem Shows, and after one good rec from me for Pistache, they're wondering how Le Delice is for breakfast. I've been given about 36 hours to gather info on the place. (We're going to Raging Sage for breakfast tomorrow - YAY GOOD COFFEE!)
Any input is much appreciated! Chowhound's reputation (mine included) is on the line!

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  1. Havn't been, but after a quick Google put me back on an article I'd remembered seeing on the place ( I wonder why not? Could a caviar omelette possibly be anything other than tremendously decadent? Plus their cheese shop looks pretty good. The photos on their website ( look a lot more impressive than the front of the little place in a strip mall on Tanque Verde Road does.

    1. I have not had breakfast at Le Delice, but I wasn't keen on their pastries, which looked and tasted like nothing I had in France. Le Delice's pastries were strangely shiny, tasteless, and flaccid.

      The pastries at Raging Sage are better, but the pastries at Crave Espresso are even better yet (the best in Tucson, and believe me - I've tried as many as my waistline would allow). I love the breakfasts at Cafe Jasper (kitty-corner from AJ's Market) and Blue Willow.

      1. The original comment has been removed