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Feb 7, 2008 08:10 PM

My list of best kabobs

I'm always searching for the best kabobs and now I'll give you my list of the best:

1) Darband in Tarzana
2) Shiraz in Encino

The next are tied: Green Cottage (Woodland Hills) Javan (West LA) Raffi (Glendale). Skaf is also very good. I tried the Shamshiri in the valley and wasn't impressed. Is the one on Westwood Blvd. owned by the same people? Kabob House on Sherman Way and Lindley is also tasty.

What do you guys think?

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  1. The Pita Kitchen on Van Nuys

    Carnival on Woodman

    1. Never thought on seeking out kabobs in the valley! Need to take a roadtrip.. I have seen some small shacks in the Jewelry District downtown that smelled rather good but never tried them. Done the Shamshiri, Flame and Sherazad on Westwood Blvd and enjoyed them all. Seems that everyone has their favorite, but heck I never had a real bad kabob.. Darband, Shiraz and Green Cottage hmm...

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      1. re: Foodandwine

        The Valley -- especially the East Valley -- is full of Armenian restaurants, bakeries and kaboberias.

        I'll throw in -- in addition to Skaf's and Raffi's, though I love Raffi's for its delectable rice -- Cafe Bravo on Glenoaks and (?) Sonora in Glendale (bonus: you can get their kabob meat raw, to go and cook yourself), Zolotaya Vilka (Golden Fork) on Vanowen and Fulton, and Cedar House Grill on Moorpark and Whitsett.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek


          Golden Fork Restaurant 2
          13316 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA 91405

          Raffi's Place Restaurant
          211 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

          Cafe Bravo
          1135 W Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202

          Skaf's Grill
          6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

          Cedar House Cafe
          4805 Whitsett Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91607

          Skaf's Grill
          367 N Chevy Chase Dr, Glendale, CA 91206

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Skaf's is delicious. their kefta (kefla? whatever) is bloody ridiculous.

            1. re: ns1

              The baked kefta special (available, alas, only at North Hollywood on certain days) is absolutely ridiculously good, as is the baked kibbeh and the stuffed eggplant. The green beans and beef stew needs a hit of garlic or something, though.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Skaf's Kefta kebab is my favorite. I also love their cabbage salad. I use to frequent their NoHo location and always liked anything the dad/owner recommended to me.

                Their Glendale location is a relief if you have visited the NoHo location, larger menu, larger restaurant, and better parking. The mom, one of the brothers, and the sister runs this location. I can never leave without indulging in a piece of homemade baklava.

                1. re: Foodnerds

                  The only problem with the Glendale location is they don't have the daily specials!!

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    Das, I was there last night and they had a couple of specials written on a board next to the register. One was chicken in lemon sauce with potatoes. The other was a lunch special.

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      They are now offering daily specials every night.

                2. re: ns1

                  I definitely go to Skaf's way too much. Its soo good.
                  I always get a 2 skewer plate, one chicken one kefta, yea theres no atmosphere, but i always get take-out anyway.

            1. re: ausfrench

              Zena's in Tustin Avenue, Orange, or else Rosine's in Anaheim Hills, or Kochee Kabob across from UCI, or go to Anaheim's Little Gaza and point and shoot.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                I second the Rosine's recommendation; a little pricey but the kebabs are excellent. Split the Ultimate Kebab with your date; dip the meats in the delicious garlic sauce...

                Anaheim Hills, CA, Anaheim Hills, CA

            2. I like all the places you have listed, although I haven't been to some of them in a while. I also haven't tried Skaf's. The Shamshiri Grill on Westwood Blvd. is better than the one in the Valley. I don't know if the ownership is the same, but you will notice the difference as soon as you walk in.

              I would also like to suggest a hole in the wall in Reseda called It's All Good. The food is very good and reasonably priced. You will probably pay less for more there.

              It's All Good House of Kabob
              6800 Reseda Blvd Ste C, Reseda, CA 91335

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              1. re: katkoupai

                Thanks for the info. It's All Good House of Kabob has a good reputation on this board, but when I ate there it didn't blow me away.

                If you ever go to Skaf's get their Lula kabob and their rib-eye skewer. They're delicious!

                1. re: kabob lover

                  Damn guys, all this talk about Skaf's. I think imma go for lunch.

                  1. re: ns1

                    JEALOUS. I need to make an excuse to go to my Burbank office next week so I can go.

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Had Skaf's for the first time lastnight, after reading this topic. WOW I'm hooked, I had the Steak and she had the Chicken Kabob's. Too bad they are closed on Sunday's or we would be eating there again today. I already know what I'm having lunch tommorow. Get me a little delivery and I ever ho & hum what I'm going to have for dinner tonight again.

                      1. re: 420 Reasons to eat

                        I'm similarly hooked on the hummus -- I swear he grinds up crack cocaine in there with the chickpeas.

                        Glad you like it. :)

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          do they have good veggie options too? or more kabab centric completely? thanks.

                          1. re: kevin

                            My GF is quite fond of the falafels (sp?), their hummus as mentioned, and their cabbage salad is good. I think they have a fatoush (sp?) that is quite good too when it is fresh

                        2. re: 420 Reasons to eat

                          When they opened the Glendale location they told me they were planning to offer delivery at some point soon.

                  2. re: katkoupai

                    I finally went to Shamshiri on Westwood Blvd., and it was awesome! It will join my upper echelon with Darband and Shiraz.

                  3. I like the Shiraz and Shamshiri in Glendale locations best