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Feb 7, 2008 08:07 PM

ISO Live Crawfish & Oysters in Dallas


Having recently moved to Dallas from the gulf coast, I am missing my winter rituals of oysters and crawfish. Can anyone suggest where I can purchase these items from a good quality purveyor?


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  1. For Oysters try to contact Farmers seafood in Shreveport. They deliver to Dallas and we used to meet them at various spots and get a sack. Crawfish should be showing up here soon, but be prepared for sticker shock.

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    1. re: fishfry

      Fishfry....thanks for your post....can you fill us in on the sticker shock ? Thanks.

      1. re: pinotho

        Crawfish prices are really high in Dallas compared to down south.

    2. Hey Pinotho,

      I always go to the Asian maket, "Hong Kong Market in Dallas to be exact for the Qysters and at times the crawfish. Actually all of the Asian markets should have the crawfish now since 'tis the season! I have heard of a brand new Asian market in Arlington at Great Southwestern and Pioneer Pkwy (303) that is really clean right now. I am going out there this weekend to check it out for myself. Anyways, happy hunting.


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        Hong Kong Market usually has it when it's crawfish season. I noticed other asian market has it too but the crawfish there are very small.

      2. Captain Dave's in Plano just West of the mall on 15th bring in Crawfish from Louisiana.

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          1. Rex's seafood on Lovers Lane had a sign out front the other day advertising Live Crawfish.

            I'm assuming most of their seafood will be much more pricey than the Asian market.