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Feb 7, 2008 07:21 PM

Brooklyn Market in Buffalo Grove, IL?


I wasn't sure if this was better placed on the Chicago board or Kosher, so please move if necessary.

There was a Kosher restaurant called Brooklyn Market in Buffalo Grove, IL that moved to Skokie, IL and then closed up shop a while back. No one ever moved into the old location and we always held out hope that they might come back. Well, while driving tonight, we noticed lights on at the old Buffalo Grove location! On the way home, the lights were off again, but there was a "Grand Opening" sign in the window! The roads are kind of a mess, so we couldn't pull off and look too closely, but that's what we saw.

Is the restaurant back? Anyone know? The Brooklyn Market sign is still there. It'd be wonderful to have a Kosher restaurant in the area again!

Here's to hoping! I might try and swing by again tomorrow between meetings to see if there's any more information, if anyone else is interested.


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  1. Well, I'll answer my own question...

    I stopped into the store between meetings today and gathered by the pork loin for sale in the butcher's case that it is not a Kosher establishment any longer.

    It appears that another Kosher restaurant in the Chicago 'burbs is officially gone. Very disappointing.