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Feb 7, 2008 06:51 PM

PHX for a week, alone.

In a couple weeks I will be in Phoenix for business. 2 nights I have a friend taking me out, otherwise I am on my own. I will have a car and a navigation system, so the sky is the limit (so to speak). I live in Salt Lake City... so I would like to try and experience things that we do not have here... Like wine bars with yummy food, good mexican food with real margaritas. Anything unique that I can keep a meal for 1 at around 25.00 (not including spirits).

I have been to Phoenix many times, lived there until 1985. Obviously things have changed. With all my previous vists the last couple years I was with someone that stuck to the familiar... Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumper type places. I would like to experience all the great things I hear about your dining out there.

I will be staying at the Sheraton Cresent (not a great location from what I hear-but it is by work)... but I can venture out.

My main issue is somewhere that I will feel comfortable dining alone.

I am pretty sure I am being taken to Kazimierz Wine Bar one night.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. You will have a great week!

    First, here is a short list for a great place to dine alone as a female, written from personal experience:
    Richardson's/Dick's Hideaway/Rokerij (sit at bar)
    Tarbell's (again sit at bar, totally fun)
    Roaring Fork (bar, happy hour, SO fun and delicious, bartenders are great)
    Cyclo in Chandler...Justina (owner) is fantstic - she may even sit down and chat with you! I never feel at all uncomfortable...great Vietnamese/Asian-fusian cuisine
    Cowboy Ciao/Sea Saw - I have dined alone at both (at full-service, comfortable bar) and have been treated very well. Great interactive dining experience and amazing food/wine.

    If I think of more I'll pass along. Have fun!

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      Justina is a riot, btw. So if she chats with you, it's usually a treat. She had us in stitches telling us about a visit to Ikea when it first opened. The foods pretty good, too.

    2. that is totally how i roll when in another city- great attitude!

      here are my suggestions: go by yourself to Ranch Market for lunch or dinner. Its amazing to walk around, and then pick and nibble as you go. Churros, ceviche, carnitas, something to drink, etc. Makes for amazing pics, too.

      Consider the downtown market on Saturday morning... another great place to walk around, get your breakfast, and see local flavor. (if you're still hungry, you're within spitting distance of great spoons nearby).

      As mentioned below- bars are great! I agree on Richardson's/Dicks, and that'd be a great place to get good southwestern food. LOVE rokerij, but you can get steak anywhere.
      Tarbells- amazing food, perfect for 1.
      Don't have experience with the others, but bet they're great too.
      If I may suggest: dip into a place called Carolina's for takeaway, perfect for that night you want to stay in your hotel and chill... local haunt that looks and feels like a chain, but is serious mexican food munchie perfection.

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      1. re: hzp

        excellent recs!!!

        i'd second kirsten's idea of sitting at the bar when dining solo. i love sitting at the bar even when not solo ;)

      2. Hana Sushi at 7th Ave and Missouri is pretty fun and the food is great. I used to dine by myself at sushi bars all the time and always had a good time chatting with my neighbors. The chef at Hana is a character and always very helpful.

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        1. re: Firenza00

          totally concur. Rick is a hoot and the sushi is delish.