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Feb 7, 2008 06:24 PM

Good Seafood in the SF valley

I am relatively new to the valley and am looking for a good seafood restaurant, around Sherman Oaks/Studio City, any suggestions?

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  1. Sure others will weigh in, but the valley isn't really seafood excellent, especially not that end.

    Closest would likely be Delmonico's Fish House in Encino, which people here don't love, but has great corn/veggie (cream free) soup/chowder and blackened prawns, grille corn, and garlic spinach.

    There's Catch 21 in Woodland HIlls, that would be my first pick.

    Out in Calabasas is King's Fish House.

    1. Max isn't a "seafood" restaurant, but they have wonderful seafood dishes. It's basically an Asian-fusion menu--very impressive. I think it's the best high end place in the valley. Really lovely, inspired dishes.

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        Agreed - Max does seafood very well, and the dishes are not always your standard preparation that you see everywhere else, as in maybe tandoori salmon for example. for more info.

      2. Take the drive to Calabasas....... King's is worth it! :)
        Another seafood place is Cameron's in Pasadena..... :)

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          Agree King's is probably your best bet, maybe a 15 min drive on the 101. Also in the valley, not in the area you specified, is Sid's Seafood House in Canoga Park. I wouldn't call it "great" by any means but serviceable.

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            Does King's have "simple" seafood? I love crab legs, and my husband loves a nice simple grilled fish. Is it that kind of place? We like Roy's for more "elaborate" seafood dishes but sometimes plain is good.

            1. re: boogiebaby

              that's precisely what king's is. simple seafood... i.e. pick you fish/crustacean, your sides, tack on a salad, voila! FWIW, catch 21 is exactly the same idea. very ruth's chris too.

              1. re: Emme

                King's has all kinds of seafood and grilled fish also. They usually have the spiny lobsters when they're in season. Also a nice selection of raw oysters.

                I don't get the comparisons to Catch 21, if I remember correctly Catch 21 is more of a fast food fish place where you order at the counter and they call your number, similar to Rocky's in Burbank. And their selection of seafood is nowhere near King's

        2. While not everyone may agree, but Kung Pao China Bistro in Studio City does a very good job with its scallops and shrimp dishes as well as other seafood dishes in an obvious Chinese fashion. Uses the best available, and the portions are quite generous.
          And their soup of the sea is also a very generous serving for at least two.

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          1. re: carter

            Try the Oyster House on Moorpark in Studio City

            1. re: Hypnotic23

              it's no le bernardain but definitely decent, and reasonably priced, and in the area.

          2. Would you do Japanese? A lot of sushi palces have good fish, cooked AND raw.

            In Sherman Oaks/Studio City, you have board recs like this:
            House of Taka
            Modiri (good for AYCE sushi and has cooked fish apps that are good)
            Don Sassabune

            You might want to look for a mexican mariscos place. I know theres a Hound fave somewhere near, but I forget where.

            Robin Hood Pub in Van Nuys has the best Fish and Chips in LA.

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            1. re: Diana

              I believe you are referring to Mariscos Colima on Vanowen. Agree about Robin Hood, and would add that, while not simple seafood, Tony's Mexican Grill on Magnolia and Coldwater has great fish tacos. For simple seafood, with absolutely no atmosphere, try the Fish King on Glendale Ave. just north of the 134. It's a fish market in Glendale with a more than passable galley.

              1. re: ebethsdad

                That's is! Good Mariscos (seafood)

                I'll also add that El Katracho on Burbank has an amazing blue crab soup (HUGE) and Conch soup, as well as some great shrimp.