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Nov 7, 2001 03:10 PM

Crab soup dumplings

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Crab soup dumplings (aka hsieh fen shao long)
at J&J restaurant, two doors down from Mei Long Village.

Lighter and more delicate in flavor than regular
soup dumplings and served with Chiang tse vinegar.

A new addiction.

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  1. Are they crab dumplings in a crab soup? Where is the J&J restaurant?

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    1. re: TomL

      Soup dumplings are steamed and, when done well,
      they contain a bit of liquid within them.

      301 W Valley Blvd #109
      San Gabriel, CA

      J&J is a small operation; no more than six tables
      and it doesn't serve banquet dishes, but it does
      well on the small Shanghainese staples. Everytime
      I'm there, every table has the crab soup dumplings.
      Open secret I guess.

      1. re: Steph P

        Do you mean Jin Jiang? If so, this is the place my family has been going to for years. One of the best places in SGV for dumplings and other delicacies.

      2. re: TomL

        they are pork dumplings with bits of crab "powder" (hsieh is crab, fen is a powder, starch etc) mixed and a bit of gelatinized stock sealed in the dumpling filling. As the dumpling steams, the soup liquifies so when it comes to the table in a steamer (no soup), be very careful not to pierce the skin with the chopsticks. In fact, it's ok to use the soupspoon and chopsticks together to dislodge the dumpling from the leaf upon which it's been steaming. Also, wait a little time from the moment it arrives, the soup filling can be scaldingly hot.