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Feb 7, 2008 05:49 PM

Lunch Spots near AT&T Park?

I recently changed jobs and now work down by AT&T Park (used to be in the Financial District). It's great to have Philz Coffee nearby, but I feel like I'm missing something, as I can't seem to find any decent, basic, inexpensive lunch spots. I've tried Specialty's (downstairs in my building), Safeway, Panera, and Starbuck's. HELP! I'm looking for salad bars, healthy sandwiches/soup, and other interesting food that isn't going to break the bank. I used to love going to Julie's Kitchen and the Ferry Building (admittedly, expensive), as well as some of the quirky, little convenience stores (like the Korean food at John's Snack & Deli).

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  1. Same advice I gave to Hungry Rubio.
    For fun Red's Java House at pier 30 about .6 miles down the Embarcadero. Qualifies as a dive but recent inspection health department perfect score. Opens at 6. Great walk and great view. Same distance opposite direction.Open for lunch as to healthy food you will have to judge.

    1. What's the price range? The under $5 buck lunch or in the $7 buck range?

      In South Park there's:

      Mexico au Parc - okay, if you figure out what to order, best deal, the super taco, you can get close to $5 with a drink. Burrito and drink - $7.50ish.

      Caffe Centro - very good food but $6.50 for a sandwich (but on the large side), $7 for salad, again very good - figure $10 bucks with a drink...but very good. I figure it's worth it once a week, probably best combo of good quality and price.

      At 2nd/Brannan - Brannan St. Deli, decent sandwiches under $5 bucks, $3.50 for soup, $5-6 bucks for spaghetti (only average but not bad).

      On Townsend at 3rd there's Victors, okay Mexican...on par with Mexico au Parc, nothing special but not bad. $5.75-ish for a burrito.

      If you're willing to walk -- 2nd and Harrison there's Maya Next Door (part of Rest. Maya), $5.70 gets you 3 tacos, very good, almost as good Mission tacos, Best Mexican in the area, good prices.

      In the same complex as Maya, there's a Lee's Deli.

      Across from ATT is a Happy Donut, they have a hot dog special for $4 or $5 with a drink.

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        At Happy Donut, they also do sandwiches. About $5-6, depending on what kind you get, which comes with potato salad and a very small bag of chips.

        The liquor store / mini market on the corner of 3rd and Townsend also sells california rolls, beef / chicken teriyaki, and miso soup. Bowls or bento boxes available for $6-7.

      2. South Beach Cafe is a thin crust pizza place that has a well rounded menu. Nice outdoor seating, and fervent euro soccer fans during tournaments.

        Hennessey's Wine has a deli inside that makes surprisingly good sandwiches. There's a tiny patio out back where you can taste wines by the glass as well.

        SBC Pizza is a little more on the greasy side, but the burgers and fries are some of the best in the neighborhood (we'll see what happens when Burger Joint opens up).

        South Beach Cafe
        800 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94107

        Another Hennessy's
        543 2nd St, San Francisco, CA

        SBC Pizza & Deli
        737 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

        1. Be sure to try Primo Patio Cafe @ 3rd and Townsend. They feature a sunny patio and very good, reasonably priced Caribbean grub

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          1. re: Paul H

            I second Primo Patio and Hennessy's - The Chef and the Butler (South Park) and Brick House Cafe on Brannan are other possibilities. Crossroads on the Embarcadero is a walk but no further than Red's Java.

            1. re: chutney

              I've never been able to figure out Hennessy's. The couple of times I went in they were "too busy" to help me, bordering on too-hip-rude...and no was in there at the time.

              1. re: ML8000

                Yep. Didn't like Hennessy's in the old location. Didn't like the new location. Never helpful and nothing in there that was worth putting up with that.

                Since people have you running all the way down to Reds and Crossroads ...

                Townsend has a good lunch special for $10 which includes a sandwich, beverage and house-baked cookie ... much of it organic.

                The market on the Embarcadero and Townsend across from Delancy's makes the best sandwiches in the area especially the fresh roast chicken or turkey.

            2. re: Paul H

              Place link

              Primo Patio Cafe
              214 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107

              1. re: Paul H

                Isn't Primo the same as Victor's, or is it just next door?

                1. re: ML8000

                  It is next door. It isn't the same at all; it's Caribbean, not Mexican.

                  1. re: Paul H

                    Thanks. I looked on Yelp and saw the back patio and thought it was Victor's.

                    K86 - Victor's is Mexican. It's good but not fab. It's worth a try. I like the chile verde since. It will require a screening since tastes are burritos are subjective.

                2. re: Paul H

                  Thanks. Primo Patio Cafe looks good. What is Victor's? Is it Mexican food? If so, is it good?

              2. For Thai we've gone to Cha Am during lunch and found it to be pretty good.


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                1. re: Shane Greenwood

                  Another Thai option is Koh Samui and the Monkey, between 3rd and 4th on Brannan I believe. I often order from there and then walk over to pick up my lunch since I don't always have a full hour to spend eating.

                  1. re: Shane Greenwood

                    have to disagree about chaam, i thought it was mediocre at best. Much better, in my opinion, is around the corner at chaat cafe, for indian food. Wraps are very good, and the tandoori chicken salad is large and delicious for about $8. has anyone been to 21st amendment lately? i used to like it, but it seems as if the food has gone downhill. Beer is still good though.

                    1. re: Shane Greenwood

                      If you're going as far as Cha Am, Naan 'n' Chutney and Mehfil are both decent Indian/Pakistani. Chaat Cafe's okay but farther.

                      Mexico au Parc is an okay burrito place.

                      Mehfil Indian Cuisine
                      600 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

                      Mexico Au Parc
                      24 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107

                      Naan N' Chutney - CLOSED
                      474 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107