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Feb 7, 2008 04:32 PM

Saturday Biz Lunch in Beverly HIlls


Out of town New York young but affluent publisher types want to meet for lunch in Beverly HIlls on Saturday .. weather should be nice. They're paying but I don't want to go as high as Spagos.

Patio would be nice and a not rush, rush atmosphere.

They are staying Olympic and Robertson area.

I was thinking Kate Mantillini's or Sofi's on 3rd (but Sofi doesn't do lunch).

It's been a long time since I was a Westsider (Valley girl now).

All suggestions truly, truly appreciated.

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  1. Consider The Grill or Il Pastaio

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    1. re: maudies5

      Thanks maudies5 .. Il Pastaio might work ... The Grill is too New Yorkie I fear .. I want a patio and greenery to show off our weather!

    2. Brunch at Barney Greengrass on the patio. Perfect spot for that kind of thing.

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      1. re: CChow

        CChow took the words right out of my mouth. menu at BG is very new york [after all, the original is in NY & that's where much of the food comes from], but setting is totally LA if you get a table on the patio.

        other thoughts:

        the farm
        blue on blue
        da pasquale
        il cielo
        paperfish [although i don't know about the prices]

        then again, for the true LA experience there's always the ivy. it's not BH, but easy enough for them to shoot straight up robertson.

      2. Pane e Vino on Beverly Blvd. I'm pretty sure they serve lunch on Saturdays, and the patio is lovely.

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        1. re: cookie monster

          Ooooooh, that might work really well. I remember going there once and the patio was gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder.

          1. re: Galadriel

            it is beautiful, and the food is consistently good...not quite on par with NY italian, but the ambience is certainly better than a sidewalk table in NYC where you spend the entire meal inhaling bus & taxi exhaust :)

            a word to the wise, if you do decide to go this route, pane e vino is much better than orso.

          2. re: cookie monster

            I'm "seconding" the vote for Pane e Vino. Lovely patio....good food...usually a few celebs sprinkled about. (oops...just saw the post below. ok i'm "thirding" the rec.)
            Also, for a different vibe, how about Chateau Marmont? A little further...but a fun, interesting space, a real L.A. experience and pretty good food.

            1. re: cookie monster

              i love pane e vino's patio, as well as the above mentioned il pastaio (esp for wine folk).

              that said, the ivy is a good choice for business lunches.

              there's also the four seasons hotel for the gardens.

              xi'an is americanized upscale chinese, has a nice patio, and yummy power rice and healthier food.

            2. Il Cielo, on Burton Way across from the Four Seasons should be perfect. Otherwise, how about Orso, on Third?

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  In the original post, she said she didn't want to go as expensive as Spago.

                  1. re: perk

                    Yeah, I didn't really want to take them to a very very expensive place ... pane e vino is sounding good. I think the noise level there, too, will be tolerable. Kate Mantilini's dishes clashing can get deafening if you don't wangle a booth.