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Nov 7, 2001 12:14 PM

Senoritas on Sunset-anybody been?

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It's been open 3 or 4 weeks I guess, the old Scandia site. Anybody been and can report on food/bar scene and noise factor?

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  1. I went. It's a nice space. Large booths and intriguing photos of the Sunset Strip from the early teens through the 1940's. Tall, open windows that put you virtually right on the sidewalk of the Strip. I shared a pitcher of excellent(not too sour, not to sweet, and a generous proportion of tequila) house Margaritas with my wife. Only sixteen dollars. A bargain if you consider that you get 5-6 drinks from it. We shared a six cheese quesadilla(not very Mexican).

    We noticed the new establishment and stopped in on a whim on our way back from a party with an abundance of excellent food, so I can't yet give an objective opinion of them menu items, yet. The booth across from us was served what looked like a great queso fundido. I will return, if not for the food, but for the drinks and atmosphere.

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      Opened 9/7/01. Very good food, better than the El Cholos, Border Grills, El Coyotes of the world. As stated, the drinks are killer. Yet the prices are cheaper than either Cholo or Border. Great ambiance whether in the view room or the patio area overlooking the action on the Strip.