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Feb 7, 2008 04:29 PM

Stop and Shop Baked Goods - Some Really Good Finds

Another thread made jfood think of asking opinions of baked goods at Stop & Shop. Over the years jfood has purchased the onion rolls, wedges, cinnamon chip muffins and boston muffins. Each of these have been fantastic. Another poster mentioned their bialys are very good.

What have people tried at Stop & Shop?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Please.


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  1. Birthday cakes... lots of birthday cakes. They make decent cakes and seem to be a popular choice for cakes to be served to little kids, so we've had them at several parties recently. I am personally a fan of super-sweet frosting, so I find them pretty tasty.

    1. I always enjoyed their bagels, not NY-authentic of course, but just as good as any of the bagel shops, and S & S has egg bagels, which are becoming harder to find, at least in the Hartford area. Bruegger's doesn't make them, nor did a bakery in Rocky Hill, which made every flavor except egg.

      1. I've always loved their onion rolls and their bagles, though our bakery has retracted to make room for Dunkin Donuts and their god awful excuse for baked goods. But they still have wonderful apple and rasberry turnovers, muffins, and rolls. I hate their cakes though, that gloppy, sickining frosting and tastless cake...their are much better options in mom and pop bakeries.

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          I really enjoy the onion roll from the self serve bin called a MIami roll. I also sometimes pick up their Eurupean multi grain roll (also from the bins) to have as a sandwich or to heat and have as a mni loaf of bread with dinner. My husband enjoys their doughnuts-and at 59 cents each they are certainly a lot cheaper-and perhaps bigger and just as good or better than the neighboring DD.

        2. My husband loves the muffins- cinnamon chip, banana nut, blueberry

          The bread is usually pretty good- I like the semolina loaf, the plain rolls, and the rye bread for making croutons

          Birthday cakes- nasty.. too sweet.. too sugary.. just terrible in my opinion. But they are really cheap and they have Dora the Explorer cakes and the like, so maybe they are good for a kiddie birthday party.

          1. Stop N Shop baked goods are damned good! I'll agree on how good their onion rolls are. I like them when they are fresh in the morning.
            Do not forget the chocolate croissants. They are fantastic!