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Feb 7, 2008 03:33 PM


the wife picked this for our pre-ballet performance dinner on sat. night. anyone have any recent reviews/opinions? looks good from my resesarch today. all info appreciated.

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  1. I really like Portage. Try the hanger steak if they have it.

    1. Nice, but I think the best discription is "earnest" we have been 4 or 5 times, and the chef/owner comes out each time to check on things.... This was the site of one of the oddest service experience I have ever had... there were four of us, very good conversation going... after dinner, coffee comes, and while we are talking, our server interups our conversation for the burning question of.... "are you right handed or left handed" so that he may place the handle of the mug appropriately... just put the coffee down and let your guests enjoy themselves !!!!!!

      1. ....PS.. How to cook a wolf is right across the street....

        1. bighound - how was your meal? What did you order?

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            less than impressed with our meal. we both started with the baby greens-nothing special but tasty. i ordered the roast chicken w/cipollini onions,brussels sprouts,lardons, and a sauce i don't recall(white wine and lemon?) very good. the vegs were cooked nicely not to death and the chicken was a large bnls breast with the wing still attached. the only odd thing was that under the chicken was what looked and tasted like mashed potatoes-not on the menu- that unfortunately were drowned in the sauce. they basicly turned to liquid.

            the wife had the hangar steak with a truffle reduction sauce, shirred (baked) duck egg and a mushroom potato terrine. this one did not come together for us as well. good components, not a good whole. the meat,while very tasty and done properly, was less than hot. sauce was great but the egg yolk and the sauce flavors did not blend well. and the terrine was such a small portion that it was just an afterthought.
            she shared a bit with me and though not perfect it did taste like an interesting take on steak and eggs breakfast.
            flourless chocolate cake for dessert. very dense and rich-great chocolate flavor-but the caramel anglaise and the chantilly creme with it again were such small quantities that it was almost like they were spilled on it by accident.
            and i have to say the service was a little slow for the amount of customers at the time. no alcohol, no apps and with tip-$75.00 probably will not return.
            by the way, how to cook a wolf was very busy.

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              Bighound - thank you for the detailed dining report. It's much appreciated!