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Feb 7, 2008 03:26 PM

Dinner near the TLA... with three old men

My husband and I are seeing a show at the TLA this Saturday night and want to have dinner before the show. We are open to everything, love trying new restaurants, and our only "must have" is that the restaurant be in walking distance of the TLA.

We may be having dinner with my husband's father, uncle, and family friend and I think that they may be a bit more paticular. They will not like anything they think is too exotic, too trendy, or overpriced. They all really like italian.

I want to make sure we pick a place where we all would have a nice time. Any suggestions?

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  1. Normally I'd suggest Ansill or Horizons, but with those limitations, I'd suggest maybe Hosteria d'Elio. If you think it's not too expensive, Southwark would be a better choice.

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      Focus on having the best meal available in that area and not on a specific cuisine: that being said listen to Buckethead and go to Southwark. Great food in a lovely atmosphere and I don;t think they'd think it was "too exotic." I might also recommend Overtures, which will provide a safe, yet very good meal. I would also throw in Gayle as well, but that might come across as "too exotic". You'll get a decent meal at Hosteria d'Elio, but it won't be as good as the others.

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          It wasn't at the time.. hopefully it will reopen in the fall.

      1. I think Southwark is the place for you. The food isn't exotic at all.
        I brought my mom and grandmother there for dinner and they enjoyed their meals. The bartenders are passionate about their cocktails and your family will have a good time if they are big martini or Manhattan drinkers.

        1. I'm thinking that the "old men" may like La Fourno or South Street Souvlaki instead. Both in 600 block of South. Both fairly cheap but good food.

          1. Sounds to me like Cafe Nola will suffice. My dad, also an old guy, loves that place. The food, the atmosphere, just up his alley, and he's a STUBBORN MAN. Take a peek at the menu and see whatcha think?


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              For Italian, around the corner you can find Gnocci reasonably priced italian... I have had good meals there and it is BYO.

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                Found the food at Gnocci mediocre. The place was empty while next door was packed. That is usually a sign.

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                  Bistro Romano is just off South Street and has great Italian and great ambiance.

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                    Haven't been there in over a year. Thanks for the update.

                    Best new place to try in this area is Brauhaus Shmitz at seventh and south, the successor to Ludwig's in the preservation of southern German food in Philadelphia.

              2. Please note the OP was asking for recs for dinner in Feb 2008!! These responses are no longer timely!