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Where Do I Find White Bread?

Hi People, I am looking for a reliable GENERIC bakery that sells plain old white bread,sandwich bread, and dinner rolls. Please no Dominion or Loblaws, I would like it to be local preferably downtown west. Hard to find good white bread downt here. There seems to be alot of bakeries in town that do crazy breads....... which I like, but I am craving a fluffy white bread. Thanks Folks

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  1. Have you tried Asian bakeries?
    Bakery Nakamura in J-Town does a fairly good job, for example.

    1. Silverstein's on McCaul, north of Dundas. I believe that it was $2/loaf.

      1. Try Dimpflmeier's on Advance, east of Kipling. Their old-fashioned sliced white is the antithesis of gluey Wonderbread--great for sandwiches and toast. Lots of rolls, too.

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            Blue Bike is correct - Cobs is an outstanding bakery; you'd barely think it a chain. Their personnel are genuinely proud of their products. Their white bread has both texture and taste, and comes with a seeded or unseeded crust. I use it for sandwich making for church functions all the time - and get rave reviews.

          2. It's in Etobicoke, but Hot Oven Bakery in Cloverdale Mall has the old fashioned white bread that is 1000x better than wonder bread

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              Yeah, the standard white brick of bread from Cob's is excellent. My sis buys it for her kidlets and says it's the best one she's found.

            2. cobs is definitely the best bakery i've found in toronto. the white loaf is plain enough to be sandwich bread but crusty and soft enough to be eaten on its own. they have one downtown west (kensington market) and one on bloor west, as well as one up on bayview and eglinton. also try the sourdough, its absolutely amazing.

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                Another vote for Cobs, though I will say that Hot Oven Bakery is better, but thats a long haul for bread!

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                  I absolutely love the cape seed rolls/bread at Cob's. I haven't tried the Hot Oven Bakery, but I would be surprised if they can beat that.

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                    No Hot Oven probably can't...its not their thing-they are an old-fashioned 'white-bread' (!) kind of a bakery, with lots of lemon meringue pies, Nanaimo Bars, butter tarts (at least 3 different kinds, cherry loaf, that sort of thing...

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                      Tell me more about "Hot Oven Bakery"? Someone has posted that it is located in CLOVERDALE MALL....where is that?
                      Is it an 'old fashioned' Bakery? I live near the Annex but have a car..............

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                        It's a European style bakery and deli, caters to the large Polish and Eastern European seniors population in the area. I really like their meat pies, the chicken pot pie in particular. And yes, it's in Cloverdale Mall.

                        Edited to add, it's a great place to go if you're in the area, but don't think it's worth a trip across town, PearlD

                        Hot Oven
                        250 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

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                          Hey Jamie, my learned friend....thank you...Do you know something about a place that sounds similar near Roncesvailles or perhaps 'it' was in the Bloor West Village? I realise that is a pretty broad question......Any CH's with suggestions....I'd welcome a 'heads up'..........thanks

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                            On Roncesvalles, there's Granowska's Bakery and cafe, very Polish, been there forever. I remember as a kid going there for cookies after church across the road.

                            175 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2L3, CA

              2. Well I tried out Cobs in the Kensington Market and I have to say its perfect for me. They also have a high fibre white bread which is good. Thanks for the help Chowhounds!