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Nov 6, 2001 06:30 PM

Hollywood Canteen?

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Anybody know anything about this place?

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    Allison Linehan

    I had dinner a few months back. The place was empty at 7PM on a Thursday night but we had to ask very nicely to be fed since we didn't have a reservation. There were only three other tables occupied and over 10 empty. They relented when we promised to be done before 9PM, which was when the table was needed. By the time we left a little after 8PM, 2 other tables had arrived.

    Menu is very limited and nothing jumped out as special. I ended up getting a mediocre meat ravioli. My friend had a fish dish. A fresh fruit plate for desert.

    This place is more a bar scene and is hopping with the pretty people on the weekends. After my so-so dinner, I tried to go have drinks with some friends a few weeks later and the line was outrageous! Drinks were average.

    For drinks and eye candy, i might visit but never again for food.