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Feb 7, 2008 03:04 PM

lobster bisque without killing the lobsters?

Okay, I would love to make some lobster bisque for Valentine's day dinner, but I am too squeamish to kill the lobsters. I am also too squeamish (and I don't think it is very nice) to dump them alive into the pot. Any ideas?

Should I just go with a creamy crab bisque or a she-crab soup maybe? Or can I get away with using frozen lobster tails? I will be making the soup two days in advance if that helps (or hurts).

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  1. You could probably just get the place to steam the lobster for you.

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      That's what I was going to say. A lot of grocery stores that have lobster tanks will gladly steam the lobster for you - just call and ask.

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        And you need the carcasses to make the stock, frozen tails simply won't do.

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      1. Find a place that sells lobster stock or lobster base. I''ve never used a pre-made (I make my own) but here's one online site:

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          Here is a good way to trick yourself: Put the live lobsters (still in the bag) in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes while you are bring the water to a boil. By the time the pot is ready, your lobsters will be sightly numb and won't be moving around so you can dump them into the pot with less guilt.
          As others have said that you really need the whole body for a good bisque and even having them steamed at the fish monger might cause you to loose out on some flavor during the steaming at home process.

          If you want to go with a easier more humane recipe and have the lobsters steamed for you, you can use this recipe for lobster stew:

        2. You could try this recipe for Funwithfood's Phantom Lobster Bisque: It's fabulous and only uses lobster soup base, so it's inexpensive as well as tasty! I ordered both the lobster base and the chicken base, and they are both great. I use the chicken in all kinds of dishes. I would think you might be able to substitute other quality soup bases, if you don't want to mail order.

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              *chuckle!!* But probably won't encourage the OP to drop a live one head first into the pot! The link jules127 posted is very similar to the way I was taught to prepare live soft shell crabs. Having heard arguments pro & con for years now I'm convinced that dropping them head first into a big pot of water at the rolling boil is as humane as any method. I do make sure that the water returns to that rolling boil before dropping a second one in.