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Feb 7, 2008 02:59 PM

vegas hidden gems....


OK, alittle ways off the strip (flamingo/215), mostly sought after by locals is a great little italian joint called Mama Depalma's Bistro.....awesome pizza and standard fare. great bar area and overall ambiance.

also try any of the Timber's Bar & Grill, OMG... some of the best BAR food I have ever had, salads (huge), pizza (great), breakfast (good), always open...some locations have expanded menus than others.

Binion's Downtown casino..... great 24/7 cafe downstairs, good, honest, cheap food.

SouthPoint Casino, good 24/7 cafe, cheap hotdog stand in the sports book, vienna hot dogs....waiting to try their new mexican restuarant.

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  1. Timbers Bar and Grill are advertising the fact they are bringing out a new menu later in the month of February. Not sure if that's a good thing. They have great chicken fingers and burgers, but the rest is just okay..A new menu might be a good thing for them!

    I personally LOVE Steiners Pubs, and also Village Pubs. Fantastic food with both Vegas "chains" Steiners does a delish buffalo shrimp, and Village does a very very good fish and chips.

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      I second Steiner's Pubs. My favorite there are the good onion rings but the wings, burgers, fried fish, and nachos were very good. Did not like like their lamb or pasta though.

      Another cheap gem is Ellis Island. Good Orange Roughy, off-menu steak is over-rated but cheap, and pretty ribs. Metro Pizza outlet is not so good there.

      For breakfast Arizona Charlies has some very cheap specials that are not as good as they were years before but still acceptable and very reasonably priced. I like the ham and eggs with bisquit and gravy option.

    2. I'm a big fan of Florida Cafe, in the Howard Johnsons on LV Blvd north of the Stratosphere. Excellent Cuban fare morning, noon and night (breakfast is my fave there).
      Good service, reasonably priced and after their remodel a couple of years ago, a true oasis in a seedy stretch of town.

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      1. re: GroovinGourmet

        Really? We had lunch there a few months ago, and just walking in from the back parking lot was a bit sad. The food was so-so and service was terrible. I was regretting not ordering a breakfast-ish item, but doubt I'd ever venture in there again. The best thing was the fried plantain chips that came with my husband's Cuban sandwich, while the sandwich itself was just ok.

        1. re: Debbie W

          I had my usual breakfast there a few months back and was quite pleased. Sorry your mileage varied.

      2. Downtown, try Golden Gate's San Francisco Shrimp Bar & Deli (sandwiches and shrimp cocktails), or the Bay City Diner, a very good coffee shop.

        The coffee shop at 4 Queens is also good.

        Locals bars/casinos with bar food: Loose Caboose or Magoo's, owned by the guys that own the 4 Queens. Also, any Roadrunner bar.

        Sandwiches: Capriotti's (no beer or gambling).

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        1. re: paoconnell

          Ocha, for really good Thai food. On Las Vegas Blvd., north of Sahara, a little south (and on the other side of the street) from the Stratosphere.