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Feb 7, 2008 02:56 PM

Non-Sripraphai Woodside Thai?

I will be in Woodside next Wednesday, when Sripraphai is closed. (Right? It is closed on Wednesdays, yah?) So what are other great Thai restaurants in the area? Thanks!

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  1. there are 3 cheap-o, ex-chinese takeout choice places, Thai Malay, Uthai and I Am Thai, all of which are decent for a quick bite and generally much better then the type of chinese place they replaced, and probably better then most run of the mill thai places, none of them are super amazing. If it's dinner time, it's worth walking a few blocks to Jackson Heights for Zabb on Roosevelt and 72nd.

    1. go to Zabb on Roosevelt, on the Jackson Hts side of the BQE.

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        I personally think Zabb is excellent, especially the apps/yums/salady things and some of the noodles.
        The staff there is very friendly and welcoming, too.
        these days it reminds me of how sri used to be, before the expansion. it is perhaps not as well-rounded a menu as sri (better at issan style stuff, not as good on curries, etc) but what they do well, they do very well.

        1. I would suggest changing your plans so that you could be in Woodside on a different day and then go to Sri. :)