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Pork tenderloin sandwich in KC

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I'm curious to know where everyone is getting their pork-t fix in town. I'm not interested in one of those giant, hang off the bun, tough, over cooked things. it seems those are readily available but i want something better. any suggestions?

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  1. Johnny Ray's Drive Inn in Lee's Summit does a nice PT. Also a co-worker of my husbands belongs to the Jim's Tamales family and they own a small drive inn type place near the old Independence regional hospital either on 23rd street or Independence Ave. I think it is 23rd street and theirs are truly the best. I will find out the name and post it. They have been written up on the KC Star before.

    1. Jerry's New Woodsweather Cafe(1414 West 9th) has a very good tenderloin, its big but it not dry, very moist. Also if you like Rueben sandwiches they serve one of the best in town. Jim G's Drive In( 6640 Raytown Road) has very good tenderloin too, it's thicker then most places but well worth the drive out to Raytown.

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        I have to second Jerry's New Woodsweather Cafe. I had an excellent tenderloin there. My report is here.


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          how much is woodsweather's tenderloin? i'm thinking about going by because i've heard so many good things about their food...the tenderloins, the cheeseburgers, desserts, fries...

          i'm torn between getting pork tenderloin, chix fried steak or double cheeseburger...

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            Woodsweather is basically an inexpensive cafe. You needn't worry about cost. The only thing cheaper would be fast food chains. As for your question about the cost of the tenderloin, I quite frankly don't remember.

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              I recall that a pork tenderloin, fries, soft drink and 20% gratuity was about $9. It was worth it.

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                wow thats a steal...i think i might just make my way over there very very soon.

      2. I have always enjoyed the pork tenderloins at Hi-Boy. I also had a great one at the Hardware Cafe one the square in Liberty. That was many years ago though.
        I live in St. Louis now and am always on the hunt for a good pork tenderloin sandwich.

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          Sorry to say, the Hardware Cafe closed last year after 15 years in operation, due to some nastiness about unpaid state sales tax.

        2. Westport Flea Market does a pretty good pork tenderloin sandwich.

          1. Try Tenderloin Grill at 900 Southwest Blvd. Great sandwich, but surly service.

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              Does the Tenderloin Grill still do pig snoots?

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                I think they do -- I remember reading an article SOMEWHERE (for the life of me, I can't find it) that the KCK police haze rookies by taking them there and making them eat a pig snout. Get it?

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                  That's right! It was in the Star's FYI or Wednesday Food section.
                  I haven't had a snoot in years. I liked the tenderloins at Tenderloin Grill.
                  I have to agree with Davydd. Jerry's Woodswether's tenderloin is great.

                  Does any one remember Joe's on 39th and Wyandotte? Good tenderloins and homemade rootbeer :-)

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                My husband is a long-time fan of Herrara's Tenderloin Grill on Southwest Blvd. We just moved back to KC and this was one of the first places we went back to. If you're not afraid of some heat, get the tenderloin with the spicy sauce. Fries are good, too. We've always found the service to be very friendly.

                Yes, they still serve the Pig Snoot. The owner said that it is definitely an "acquired taste" and to stick with the tenderloin unless you're a pig snoot fan or a rookie copy graduating.

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                  OK, you've got my interest. I've never heard of this place. Can you tell me where on SWB its at?

                  Thanks, Mike

              3. On a related note, DH & I have been going to Avenue's Bistro at 63rd & Brookside A LOT lately. They have a great pork schnitzel and chicken schnitzel as their early bird special (10$$) 4-6 m-f. NOT heavly breaded, sooo moist, and lemon caper sauce is fantastic. And, their apps are 1/2 off til 6.

                They also had a pork tenderloin on the menu, but not sure if this is the schnitzel or not - have not had it.


                1. Try Jim Gs in Raytown. Also P.T.s in Oak Grove. They are both great! Dont miss the onion rings at P.T.s or the sweet potato fries at Jim Gs.

                  1. Wow, hard to believe no one's mentioned Christie's Tasty Queen in KCK for their moist, hand-pounded, hand-breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. It's an old wooden diner/malt shop, been around 25 years, and the PTs are my fave around KC. With fries it's about 6 bucks (4.95 for the sand), open 10 to 8. Christie's is at 1405 S. 55th st, a mile or so south of Turner Diagonal (which is also 32 HWY) a little south and west of I-70 and 635. You get into "downtown" Turner and it's on the east side, a green and white shack. Hadn't had one in years, then found myself nearby today and had one for lunch; could hardly finish it was so big (but I did!). Good as ever!

                    1. I had a decent pork tender and tots @Max's Auto Diner recently. You could tell that everything's made to order, the fryer oil is changed frequently and is kept @the proper temp. The soda had the correct syrup to co2 ratio. These thing's seem pretty simple, yet almost every place gets it wrong. Word is they have a gyro worth eating as well.

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                        I thought Max's Auto Diner was no more and recently became Phil's Coffee Shop or something like that? Was your meal at the new or old version? I'm surprised Kitty's Cafe's tenderloin hasn't come up in this thread. goroe started another thread last year (not too long after this one) devoted to that sandwich in particular, maybe that's why, but it's really a terrific sandwich, which I probably would have missed but for his recommendation. There's a pic at LTHForum.com/kc (http://lthforum.com/kc/viewtopic.php?...), and also by goroe here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/503503.

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                          I was there w/in the last month. I drive by all the time and it's been nothing but Max's as long as I remember.

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                            There's still a Max's on Wornall and 83rd(ish?) - the one on 63rd is now Phil's Coffee Shop.

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                              Ah thanks, I didn't realize there were two.

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                                Oh yaeh, forgot about the 63rd st one.

                      2. Check out the new "Swagger" at 85th and Wornall. It's a former "working man's bar" and the person you might be sitting next to is probably downing a shot of tequila with his Bud Light ("a beer and a bump") while humming Johnny Paychek's signature song. The tenderloin sandwich I relished was with Cajun seasoninga although there is an alternate "plain" variety. Inadvertently cooked a bit more than necessary, it was accompanied by pure horseradish, a delicious sauce, and wasabi coleslaw (optional). and instead of iceberg, was garnished with fresh leaf lettuce, an unusual touch. This has been my only lunchtime experience with Swagger, but be assured I will return. Something tells me the chef has formal training and his well thought out menu might be a far cut above regular sports bar food. Don't take your ultra-sophisticated friend there unless she mixes well with regular people. I believe Swagger has reason to.

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                          the hubs and i hate dinner at Swagger last night - 85th and Wornall as mentioned above. the place doesn't look like much from the outside and is certainly a "working man's bar" on the inside (also mentioned above)....the food was really, really, really darned good. let me add that we were very skepitcal. we went in to have a beer and check the place out before committing to dinner. with the 42 beers on tap, we were almost sold (despite the man sitting next to us with his head on the table asleep? passed out?). will, the bartender and our server, was very welcoming and knowledgeable. the bar is stocked with quite an excpetional offering of different liquors, also. no one was drinking wine so i didn't even ask about that - doesn't strike me as a wine-drinking place. after talking to will and seeing the menu, we were sold. i immediately decided on the The Fidel Castro (Cuban) - i think i dreamt about it last night in my sleep. pulled pork, ham and swiss w/mustard and pickel on a hoagie roll grilled panini-style. it was heaven. hubs had the beef and cheddar. in-house roasted and thinly sliced beef with cheddar on an kaiser bun. doesn't sound too exciting but rest-assured the beef was incredible enough on it's own. the original sandwhich had a cheese sauce but my man opted out of that - wonder what that would have been like? the fries were steak fries which i don't dig so much but the onion rings were killer - big, handmade rings. i hope the chef/kitchen there sticks around - we saw one person take out food but otherwise no one else was eating....just lots of bud/bud light drinking. check it out.

                        2. Does anyone in KC remember nicks on southwest blvd in the 50's.they had best tenderloin and snoot sandwich in the KC area. There was another called Johny Agao's on forest
                          downtown KC,MO