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Feb 7, 2008 02:48 PM

Pork tenderloin sandwich in KC

I'm curious to know where everyone is getting their pork-t fix in town. I'm not interested in one of those giant, hang off the bun, tough, over cooked things. it seems those are readily available but i want something better. any suggestions?

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  1. Johnny Ray's Drive Inn in Lee's Summit does a nice PT. Also a co-worker of my husbands belongs to the Jim's Tamales family and they own a small drive inn type place near the old Independence regional hospital either on 23rd street or Independence Ave. I think it is 23rd street and theirs are truly the best. I will find out the name and post it. They have been written up on the KC Star before.

    1. Jerry's New Woodsweather Cafe(1414 West 9th) has a very good tenderloin, its big but it not dry, very moist. Also if you like Rueben sandwiches they serve one of the best in town. Jim G's Drive In( 6640 Raytown Road) has very good tenderloin too, it's thicker then most places but well worth the drive out to Raytown.

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      1. re: Irishbeer4me

        I have to second Jerry's New Woodsweather Cafe. I had an excellent tenderloin there. My report is here.

        1. re: Davydd

          how much is woodsweather's tenderloin? i'm thinking about going by because i've heard so many good things about their food...the tenderloins, the cheeseburgers, desserts, fries...

          i'm torn between getting pork tenderloin, chix fried steak or double cheeseburger...

          1. re: asiansensation007

            Woodsweather is basically an inexpensive cafe. You needn't worry about cost. The only thing cheaper would be fast food chains. As for your question about the cost of the tenderloin, I quite frankly don't remember.

            1. re: Davydd

              I recall that a pork tenderloin, fries, soft drink and 20% gratuity was about $9. It was worth it.

              1. re: zataar

                wow thats a steal...i think i might just make my way over there very very soon.

      2. I have always enjoyed the pork tenderloins at Hi-Boy. I also had a great one at the Hardware Cafe one the square in Liberty. That was many years ago though.
        I live in St. Louis now and am always on the hunt for a good pork tenderloin sandwich.

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        1. re: gregl

          Sorry to say, the Hardware Cafe closed last year after 15 years in operation, due to some nastiness about unpaid state sales tax.

        2. Westport Flea Market does a pretty good pork tenderloin sandwich.

          1. Try Tenderloin Grill at 900 Southwest Blvd. Great sandwich, but surly service.

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            1. re: kctraci

              Does the Tenderloin Grill still do pig snoots?

              1. re: zataar

                I think they do -- I remember reading an article SOMEWHERE (for the life of me, I can't find it) that the KCK police haze rookies by taking them there and making them eat a pig snout. Get it?

                1. re: heatherkay

                  That's right! It was in the Star's FYI or Wednesday Food section.
                  I haven't had a snoot in years. I liked the tenderloins at Tenderloin Grill.
                  I have to agree with Davydd. Jerry's Woodswether's tenderloin is great.

                  Does any one remember Joe's on 39th and Wyandotte? Good tenderloins and homemade rootbeer :-)

              2. re: kctraci

                My husband is a long-time fan of Herrara's Tenderloin Grill on Southwest Blvd. We just moved back to KC and this was one of the first places we went back to. If you're not afraid of some heat, get the tenderloin with the spicy sauce. Fries are good, too. We've always found the service to be very friendly.

                Yes, they still serve the Pig Snoot. The owner said that it is definitely an "acquired taste" and to stick with the tenderloin unless you're a pig snoot fan or a rookie copy graduating.

                1. re: catroo

                  OK, you've got my interest. I've never heard of this place. Can you tell me where on SWB its at?

                  Thanks, Mike