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Feb 7, 2008 02:43 PM

Shake Shack VS Burger Joint

yeah i know, it's been talked to death already. but today i did the comparison.

burger joint - cheeseburger $7
juicy and cooked perfectly medium rare. bun was sort of average and the mustard had a weird dijon tang to it.

shake shack - cheeseburger $4
not as juicy and cooked more to medium. toasted potato bun is a standout.

i've come to the decision that they can both stay in my life.

burgers rule!

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  1. Have you tried RARE? I really liked it. Skip Good Burger. Going to BLT Burger tonight.

    1. Burgers do in fact rule. Cool research, TBird.

      1. I found Burger Joint disappointing. The burger was somewhat tasty but the bun was terrible. It was like your run of the mill burger you'd find at a friends barbecue and for 7 bucks not worth it.

        I'm dying to try Shake Shack and RARE and BLT!

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        1. re: steakrules85

          yeah, i like the burgers at rare too. and i also found BJ disappointing my first time. i am really glad i went back(this was only my second time at BJ, while i have been alot to SS).

          both burgers were ordered as cheeseburgers with onions, tomato & mustard. i like the fact at BJ they add all of that for you(at SS, you get a packet of mustard & a small container of chopped onions that you add yourself). i also like that BJ cooks to order, but SS has a standard "medium"(i am pretty sure they would customize if you asked, but because i wasn't asked, i took it how it came.). also, SS forgot my tomato(easily overlooked as they have never gotten my order wrong before) and i tasted no onion at BJ(i ate that sucker so fast i didn't care to make a visual!).

          i'd say BJ won this round until you add in the $4(SS) vs $7(BJ) part...

          that said, i did LOVE them both and really LOVE doing the research! i wonder if i could get paid to do this?

          cheers all!

          1. re: TBird

            I've been a huge BJ fan since my very first experience. As far as the price goes, I've certainly paid more and received less. I'd say $7 is actually a bargain.

        2. >> i've come to the decision that they can both stay in my life.

          My sentiments exackerly. I had the fortuitous operchancity to try them both for the first time on my recent trip to the city...and *loved* them both. :)

          At the Shack my wife and I tried both a cheeseburger and a Double stack - the decadent burger and portobello mushroom combo that oozed down my arm like a molten cheese Vesuvius. The buns were unciously soft and chewy and gave way to a flavourful and juicy pattie tinged by a creamy cheese picant that just urged you to wolf it down as soon as humanly possible and get right back in the queue!

          Burger Joint we both found to be just a fantastic experience all round. In truth I think I found it to be a little bit sexy! :) It was a dark icy cold winter night, late on. We were both quite tired but excited to be in the city. The streets were pretty empty on account of the biting cold and we had walked a way to get there. We spilled in off the street to a deserted posh hotel lobby thinking (I'm sure as many have before) that we had got the wrong place. Then we spotted the little neon sign...and walked into what transpired to be little enclave of nostalgia. The heat, the smells, the decor...the size of the room.....the cardboard menu...the pitchers of beer on the table...and happy people buzzing and chatting with the warmth that only seems to come when your cuddled up somewhere on a dark freezy cold night. It was magic.

          Then came the burger...woof! We both ordered the works, hold the mustard...and nabbed a seat from some departing diners. When the burgers arrived we both rapidly rustled open the packages and bit in together....oh my goodness! We both did that thing whereby a fast chew turns to a slooow chew when something in your palate resonates with something in your soul. The burgers were awesome. No. The burgers were sexy! Balanced to perfection, with no flavour was an harmonious juxtaposition. Unlike the urges I had felt at the Shack to 'wolf it down', this burger demanded slooww and indulgent chewing. The kind you do with you eyes closed. It was velvet. It was smoke. It was sexy.

          I'm sure that didn't help at all....but I had fun. ;)

          Viva SS and BJ!