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Feb 7, 2008 02:42 PM

Favorite place to go for drinks and food in Park Slope?

A friend has asked me for some suggestions of "a cool bar or restaurant in Park Slope where a friend and I can go for dinner/drinks" because I live in the neighborhood. Now, we are both moms and sadly, I am so out of the loop these days that I really don't know what's really terrific these days. I think there's a nice wine bar on 5th (Total Wine Bar?) but I've never been so I can't vouch for it. But since she and I both rarely get out, I can guess that what she's looking for is a place with a bar that knows how to make good drinks or has good wines by the glass and also has good food. Nice lighting would be a plus. Well, maybe that's just me. But it will be good to know when I finally get out. So I'm sorry to be so general, but there are so many new places in Park Slope that I don't know where to start. Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Total Wine bar is very nice and fun/relaxed- but they stick to wine (and perhaps beer but no mixed drinks). They have a good range in prices and can order by the glass or the bottle. The people who work there have always been very friendly and approachable about choices complaints there.

    However, food is restricted to elegant (?) snacks. They have a really nice cheese offering, and I think there is a mac and cheese dish that is yummy too- but as far as dinner is concerned, would not suggest they go there.

    Al Di La has great food still and also has a wine bar around the corner.
    Sidecar is supposed to be really great for food and drink (15th street/7th ave?)- though I haven't been there yet.

    Any ideas what friend likes specifically?

    1. Total Wine Bar is good wine bar but not if you also want to eat anything more than cheese (which are good BTW).

      I would also recommend that 12 street bar which is on 12st and 8th avenue. The bar is actually on 12st while the restaurant is on 8th avenue. I have been to the bar only once, but the appetizers were delicious and the wine was good. Not sure how extensive their wine list is but they seem to be able to make the basic cocktails and also have beer on tap.

      AOC Bistro on 5th avenue has delicious meals and good wines--they have a bar.
      Flatbush farms is another with a bar next door to the restaurant .

      1. I have been to Sidecar twice, great drinks and food. Get there early though since there might be a wait for a large party

        1. Love Total Wine Bar--but only go if you want wine and snacks.

          Don't know it too well, but it gets good notices on this board: Miriam.

          Al di La is awesome but hard to get into.

          Franny's, Flatbush Farm and Stone Park all take pride in their food and drink and are good.

          Flying somewhat under the radar, Sheep Station is good if you're up for casual/fun. It's more of a pub with good food--Aussie theme.

          1. I second sidecar--expertly made cocktails and great food