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Feb 7, 2008 02:31 PM

Crickets for Spanish class food project?

Hi, my name is Matt Sullivan. I'm 11 years old and I have a question about eating crickets. In Spanish class, we are dong a project on Spanish food and I wanted to know if people in Mexico eat crickets and how they cook them. Also is there such a thing as chocolate covered crickets in Mexico? We live in Boyce, Virginia, and I want to know if there is any stores where we can buy crickets close by, because I want to cook them for my project. And how do I do that?
Sincerely, Matt Sullivan

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  1. Here's an article about eating bugs in Mexico

    By the way there is a distinction between Spanish food and Mexican food. The one is from Spain, the other from Mexico. But for a Spanish language class, I suspect either would be fine.

    On cable Travel Channel there is a program called Bizarre Foods. In the Mexico episode Andrew ate bugs. He also had a Spain episode, but I don't recall that he ate bugs there. In another Spanish speaking country, Ecuador, he ate large grubs in the Amazon jungle.


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      I'm not sure were Boyce is, Matt, but if you're anywhere near DC you might want to check out Oyamel. They have crickets on the menu and they might be able to put you in touch with their supplier.

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        The chef/owner of Oyamel is from Spain, but the theme of the restaurant is Mexican.

        The bug dish is:
        "Taco de Chapulines
        The legendary oaxacan speciality of sautéed grasshoppers, served with shallots, garlic and tequila $4.50"

    2. Hi Matt,
      The only bugs I've ever seen on a Mexican menu were chapulines in Oaxaca, which is the Mexican word for grasshopper (the word in Spain is saltamontes). But it's entirely possible crickets are eaten somewhere in Mexico. Generally you can get crickets in stores that sell lizards and snakes. I looked around on the web and Winchester Aquarium and Pet Center on Costello Drive in Winchester might be worth contacting.

      I suppose there could be a distinction between different kinds of crickets, however, so you might check and be sure you have the edible kind, whatever that means, before you chow down.

      1. I saw Salma Hayek eat crickets on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last year. She had a bowl of cooked crickets, put them into a flour tortilla, added some salsa, or maybe it was a pico de gallo, and ate them that way. She said they were very popular in Mexico. Ellen tried a few, without the tortilla or sauce.

        Here is a link to get you started:

        1. Hey Matt,

          Today's NY Times Magazine has a piece on entomophagy, which is the upscale word for eating bugs. It almost sounds like it's going to be the latest new thing (yuck). Anyway, here's a link: If it doesn't work (I'm not sure whether you have to be able to log in), go to and search "entomophagy," or google it, sometimes you can get in that way.

          1. Matt,
            If you decide to cook crickets for your project, call some bait shops. Some fisherman use them. Might be hard right now since it's winter, but they might have them.
            Good luck and happy crunching!

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              Thanks for all the good tips guys,I hope I can use it all... and good luck to what ever you do next.