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Feb 7, 2008 02:27 PM

How can I get Blood Orange juice in the US?

We spent a few weeks in Italy and really enjoyed the Blood Orange juice, including the blends from companies like Pago.

Unfortunately I can't find Pago or anything like this here in the states.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get Blood Orange juice or a mix using it here?

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  1. Funny thing, of all places one of the worst supermarkets in my neighborhood in Brooklyn carries blood orange juice. They sell it in their organic produce section. You might want to try gourmet stores or an Italian specialty shop.

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      What neighborhood and supermarket in Brooklyn? Thanks!

    2. If you have a Trader Joes near you, you might want to check there. During blood orange season, I usually see it in their refrigerator case along with the other juices. Quite addicting!

      1. I got absolutely ADDICTED to blood orange juice, while in Japan. At least in 2001, it was found in allmost every 7-11 or convience store, bottled and labled by Minute Maid! It was such a sad thing for me, to try and go without it after drinking it every morning for a few weeks. Blood orange is so delicious, I wish the US could give it a shot.

        I was very suprised to find in a Turkish/Lebanese market in Las Vegas, imported blood orange juice, in 1 liter boxes! I bought 3 of them right there, and haven't seen them since.

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          Fresh squeeze it form fresh blood oranges(mail order?), or order it by the case from your local health food store. Blood oranges grew in my yard in Bolivia.

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            can you tell me the name of that store? thanks!

          2. Several of the ethnic markets here carry it, including our local Italian market. Our local gelaterie makes a FABULOUS blood orange gelato...I could eat my weight in the stuff.

            1. If your in central Jersey, try the Hong Kong Supermarket or the Market Basket on Rt 18 in E. Brunswick, the Indian grocery at the Ernston Rd. exit on Rt 9 N. in Sayreville, or any of the Latino Markets (there's one on Main St., South River).