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How can I get Blood Orange juice in the US?

We spent a few weeks in Italy and really enjoyed the Blood Orange juice, including the blends from companies like Pago.

Unfortunately I can't find Pago or anything like this here in the states.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get Blood Orange juice or a mix using it here?

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  1. Funny thing, of all places one of the worst supermarkets in my neighborhood in Brooklyn carries blood orange juice. They sell it in their organic produce section. You might want to try gourmet stores or an Italian specialty shop.

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      What neighborhood and supermarket in Brooklyn? Thanks!

    2. If you have a Trader Joes near you, you might want to check there. During blood orange season, I usually see it in their refrigerator case along with the other juices. Quite addicting!

      1. I got absolutely ADDICTED to blood orange juice, while in Japan. At least in 2001, it was found in allmost every 7-11 or convience store, bottled and labled by Minute Maid! It was such a sad thing for me, to try and go without it after drinking it every morning for a few weeks. Blood orange is so delicious, I wish the US could give it a shot.

        I was very suprised to find in a Turkish/Lebanese market in Las Vegas, imported blood orange juice, in 1 liter boxes! I bought 3 of them right there, and haven't seen them since.

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          Fresh squeeze it form fresh blood oranges(mail order?), or order it by the case from your local health food store. Blood oranges grew in my yard in Bolivia.

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            can you tell me the name of that store? thanks!

          2. Several of the ethnic markets here carry it, including our local Italian market. Our local gelaterie makes a FABULOUS blood orange gelato...I could eat my weight in the stuff.

            1. If your in central Jersey, try the Hong Kong Supermarket or the Market Basket on Rt 18 in E. Brunswick, the Indian grocery at the Ernston Rd. exit on Rt 9 N. in Sayreville, or any of the Latino Markets (there's one on Main St., South River).

              1. I just saw it at Whole Foods. It wasn't in the regular refridgerated cases with the regular orange juice though - it was in a case in the produce section.

                1. co-op, whole foods, health food store.

                  1. Here is a link to a page on the Pago website, indicating the contact information (apparently in Germany) for USA distribution.

                    1. Juice it yourself from blood oranges. I guess I'm spoiled in SF--Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market have them for $0.69-$0.79/lb. Trader Joes sells them too.

                      Also, whole foods has it juiced.

                        1. Here in California I've never bothered to look, because we just buy blood oranges in season (a five-pound bag costs $3) and squeeze it myself. I've never actually eaten a blood orange -- I just use them for juice, including making a syrup by whipping powdered sugar into blood orange juice.

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                            Recipe from Enoteca Maestro Albany Ca.
                            Medjool dates pitted and stuffed with mascarpone cheese with blood orange slices and pistachios in caramel sauce.

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                              Hola, Wolfe! Did you used to eat at Enoteca Mastro? I used to work there, cook there actually, and I miss it dearly. Good memories!

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                                Yes and when I make the dish I always give credit to Diane Posner Mastro who I was told originated the concept.

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                                  Whatever became of Enoteca Mastro? When and why did it close? It just came up in conversation today, and I thought I'd do a Google search, and all I found was this topic on Chow. I was taken to a special pre-opening tasting dinner way back when, then it became one of my favorites, and then disappeared.

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                                    Alas that is what happened, it disappeared a long time ago. I heard or read gossip of familial discord and then I think it limped along as a wine store and then closed. It's been 20 years or more now. The only connection I found was in Tablehopper 2 years old that Chef Steven Lucas includes Enoteco Mastro in his resume.

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                                  Will you please share this recipe? I used to love that restaurant!

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                                  I also can buy them and squeeze myself. I do like segments of blood orange in spinach salad...

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                                    In the U.K, you can get Sanguinello in the Tropicana range. I can't find it on the US site though - different markets I guess.

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                                    Ah, California - you would be fairly lucky to get ONE blood orange for that amount in NYC...

                                  3. You should try your local produce store. Monterrey Market in Berkeley sells freshly squeezed half gallons for $6, a bargain to my way of thinking.

                                    1. Perhaps a bit late or geographically undesirable but there were litres of blood-orange juice for sale at Trader Joe's in Irvine (the one across from UCI) at $4.99 yesterday.

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                                          I'm in NJ and although my local produce mart does carry blood oranges in season, I was hoping to just find a source for Pago or something packaged like it :o)

                                          And btw, I have been to the Pago website and talked with the folks there and there is no US distribution consarnit!

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                                            There are Trader Joe's in Edgewater (Bergen County), Florham Park (Morris County), Marlton (Burlington County), Paramus (Bergen County), Wayne (Passaic County), Westfield (Union County), and Westwood (Bergen County).

                                            With any luck one of those will be close enough.

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                                              Just yesterday I bought a half-gallon of freshly squeezed from the Amish Farmer's Market in Flemington.

                                          2. I've seen, but haven't tried, a carbonated blood orange drink in a lot of corner stores around NYC and in some airports. I tend to buy my own and juice them too. I've had blood orange juice out on occasion, but always fresh-squeezed. Tazzo in Brooklyn Heights has it sometimes, in season.

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                                                LOVE the Volcano juice, and admit to being suckered in by the volcanic slopes of mt edna marketing ploy. I find it in the health food store, and Whole foods.

                                              2. ive seen it fresh squeezed in upscale markets in NYC like citarella and agata

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                                                  Publix carries it made by Noble.

                                                2. Try stores like Whole Foods, or Central Market

                                                  1. Go to your local Farmers Market or some place like Whole Foods and get blood oranges there. Then squeeze them. My wife and I do that whenever they're in season. A plug here for Breville citrus juicer, which makes short work of those lovely reddish oranges. We actually use half and half, half oranges and half blood oranges, in our morning's juice and is it heavenly.

                                                    1. http://mybrands.com/Product.aspx?pid=...

                                                      seal, if you are still looking for Italian Blood Orange Juice, this is the source I use.

                                                      1. I have found fresh squeezed Sicilian blood orange juice at both Whole Foods and Central Markets. The brand is Aliseo Foods and it's 100 % fresh squeezed according to the package. What's nice is you can get it year round and not just when the blood oranges are in season.

                                                        1. We saw some at WFM (Cambridge, MA) over the weekend. It was near the local apple cider near the produce section.

                                                          1. I know you're in NJ, but not sure where. There is a Supremo Supermarket on 130 in Pennsauken that caters to the hispanic population. It's a large store with a big selection of meats, fish, canned products, fresh produce., etc. You can buy anything you need for Mexican, South or Central American meals. Very reasonable prices. I have seen blood oranges there regularly and also blood orange juice where the other juices are located. Might be worth the trip for you. As an added bonus, the very well known Moore Brothers wine store is a few hundred feet away from Supremo!

                                                            1. I live in the Midwest, and my co-op has these throughout the season. I buy, juice, and freeze them.

                                                              1. I got hooked on blood orange juice while living in Salzburg. Check out Viovi Juice. The company has their own orchards in Sicily, package in Italy, and sells in many markets in the US.

                                                                You can find out where by going to http://viovijuice.com/store_locator.s....

                                                                1. This is a little late but PAGO is now available in NYC - including the blood orange flavor. You can try your local store or email pago@oasisdrinks.com for info about where to get it. The company started importing it to NY last month.

                                                                  1. Seal, Pago Juice is now available in the New York metro area. A company called Dora's Naturals is distributing 11 different SKU's and Blood-orange is one of them