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Feb 7, 2008 02:14 PM

4 Days to enjoy L.A. food - Help!

Hi Everyone,

I'll be making my first journey to L.A. in a couple of weeks and would love to hear where the locals would take me if I knew anyone there. Will be with my GF and are looking for the following type places for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We will have a car and be moving all around hitting the touristy spots so all areas are appreciated. We are not picky, enjoy ethnic foods and are also not afraid of those sketchy from the outside places as long as the food is good.

Where would you go?

1 or 2 nice (under $100 a person w/o alcohol) restaurants for Dinner - Good steak with other good options preferable

The great breakfast places that never make the guide books that all the locals know about.

Great lunch spot with quality people watching


Anything else that will put a smile on this foodie's face

Thanks in advance for all replys

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  1. Such a big spread out land, you're gonna get recs for all over the geography. Filtering them will be up to you. But from where I sit, which is in the center, I'd start your nice dinner list with these two:


    And I'd also recommend a more moderate meal and/or cocktails at Bar Marmont.

    I'll leave the rest to the rest.


    Jar Restaurant
    8225 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

    Bar Marmont
    8171 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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      Okay one more:

      For lunch/people watching, definitely pay a visit to the Original Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax. They have an eclectic collection of food booths, some great, some not so. But the whole scene is a must see, especially for first time visitors.

      Foodwise there, I'd go with the Singaporean place called Banana Leaf, or the decent Mexican at Loteria Grill. But there are a couple of dozen other choices too.

    2. for mexican:

      sit down restaurants:

      el tepeyac
      la serenata de garibaldi (boyle heights only)

      also might want to try some taco truck or king taco for very casual food

      1. alos..not sure where you are coming from but...dim sum in san gabriel valley or monterey park for lunch is great! it is best thing next to being in hong kong

        1. Go to Hals Bar on Abbot Kinney in Venice for a great brunch or lunch for good food and people watching.The Venice locals go there.Its a big scene at night.Down the street there is a bar called "The Other room" Fun.

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          1. re: potofood

            I disagree with the recommendation for Hal's Bar. I've found the place to have spotty food and inconsistent service. Frankly, it just hasn't kept pace with the other good restaurants in the area (Joe's, Beechwood, Axe, Lilly's, etc.). A reviewer last week echoed my sentiments, so it's not just me.

            The Other Room is a good bar recommendation.

          2. dinner:

            pizzeria mozza - the absolute best deal for amazingly creative and well cooked and flavored food for a reasoanble price

            lunch w/a view:
            pink taco - century city
            the newsroom
            urth cafe
            real food daily
            the polo lounge at the bh hotel

            don antonio's - pico/barrington
            la cabana - in venice
            el compadre - sunset near fairfax
            monte alban - santa monica near barrington (more authentic)
            lots of taco trucks!!!! this is the best way to go in my opinion: see:

            father's office - on montana near 10th. just an amazing amazing burger.
            thai in thai town (east hollywood) - just go where there's a crowd like palms thai.
            dim sum in monterey park.
            indian in artesia

            i eat breakfast out once or twice a year - but an amazing experience is eating breakfast on the venice boardwalk (i think figtree cafe is open early) or at duke's in malibu.

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              If you are looking for the most UNIQUE way to have amazing mexican food then I second going to a Taco Truck. But don't ignore the Taco Mecca here in the east side of Los Angeles. The BEST of the BEST Taco Trucks are on Olympic Blvd. stretching east ward to Atlantic Blvd. You will find Trucks that serve Beef, Pork and Sea Food and the good ones make their tortillas in the truck.

              Also don't miss out on our HAMBURGER JOINTS. Many AMAZING joints to try from sit down restaurants to walk up stands. First off try the best Franchised Burger, In N out and then hit a place like B&R or Hawkins. You won't be disappointed!
              There are a few on Going discussions here on the board.