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Feb 7, 2008 02:11 PM

Silicon versus metal for baking?

Silicon Muffin Cups versus Muffin Tins...

I'm hearing from a lot of people that the silicon muffin cups don't work well for baking. I just got some as a gift and would like to use them. I love the shape. Does anyone have any recipes that work. Cold appetizers, desserts--anything?

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  1. I bought a silicone madeleine mold - the first silicone bakeware I ever owned. I'm not happy with it. Sure, none of the cakes stuck, but they were so colorless. And I'm not sure there's anything to do that will make them brown the way metal pans would. Any recipe should work fine for your muffins, so far as just cooking the baked goods through. And the baked goods will likely taste fine. I am just not in love with the pale color of the finished product. Would love to hear of tricks to perk up the color.

    1. I also bought a couple of silicon muffin "tins" - Kitchenaid brand mini and regular size and hate them for baking. First, they give a slightly strange flavor. I don't have this problem with my Silpat brand silpat, but do with the Kitchenaid, especially the baking pans. I also find that things do stick to them, alhtough you can turn them inside out to put in the dishwasher. Anyway, I cook a lot of relatively low fat muffins that are also gluten-free for my son who has Celiac disease and had high hopes for easier clean-up but it didn't pan out. Didn't brown, didn't pop out any easier, and they were a weird shallow shape. The good news is that they do work well for freezing tomato sauce, buttermilk, etc. into individual portions!

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        I'm still looking for someone who likes the silicon--but have yet to find anyone. I'll try them for freezing. I do find the clean-up with my cups very easy--I spray them first with pam. My cups are from Crate and Barrel and are pictured in the original post. Maybe some cups are better than others.

      2. Metal 100%. Silicon is terrible.

        1. Sorry carole, silicone not good for baking. Made investment in muffin pans, cake pans & bundt pans all in one swoop. BIG MISTAKE. Planning to get rid of silicone items in our annual spring block garage sale. Worthless!

          1. I use my silicone baking cups for freezing stock, and as mis en place cups when I have a lot of chopping. They were a gift, so no love lost, but they do suck for baking as the others have mentioned.

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              Corgette, great tip. I was just going to put them in the next library rummage sale. Guess I'll repurpose them now.

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                I'll also say that they make great dividers for tupperware containers. I have a somewhat shallow lunch box I take to school and work, and the individual cupcake liners make great holders of peanuts, grapes, dips, etc., that can go rolling all over the place. As Kelli2006 mentions, they make for great molded desserts. I got a little kitschy with jello cupcakes once, to great effect.