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Nov 6, 2001 02:04 PM

In season truffles, porcini, etc.

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I've been informed that my friends at Clearwater Farms will have domestic black truffles and fresh porcini mushrooms at tomorrow's (Weds. 8 Nov.) Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Ah, autumn, when a young man's fancy turns to exotic fungi. If I trufflize a chicken, and grill the porcini, the chanterelles might be relegated to dessert.

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    Vanessa On The Town

    They did indeed have domestic truffles at the mushroom stand at the Santa Monica Farmer's market today. I spoke to the guy and looked at them. He said they should have them through November. They looked good and he said they are flavorful. He said they ripen like avacados. It takes a day or two to ripen to the ultimate flavor and then they go bad pretty quickly if you leave them out longer. So you should refrigerate them after they ripen or immediately if they are ripe already. They're $20 an ounce, so I'm getting mine hopefully this weekend, when I have more cash on me. I'll let you know what deliciousness we cook up!

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      Truffles like to be kept cold. They must be refrigerated. Leave them too long at room temperature and you will wind up with inedible glop. However, two days in the fridge, in a breathable container (assuming the truffle is firm) will not only preserve it, but give you a blast of perfumey essence every time you open the door to reach for another glass of cold champagne.

      And my understanding is that the domestic season is just starting. Assuming similarity with years past, domestic blacks and soon to appear whites should be available thru Valentine's Day.

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        As the owner of Clearwater Farms I thought I should chime in here.I was absent from the stand when you came by and you may have misunderstood or been given miss information regarding truffles.
        Truffles are just begining and will be here through March on and off. They do have a ripening cycle that is best explained in person with visual( and olfactory) aids, such as truffles. you can usually get them from very ripe as in eat tonight to ready for the weekend a few days away. They must ALWAYS be kept in fridge. Unless you live in a cold moist area. L.A. is not.
        They are really great when done right. Please come by I am at the markets in Santa Monica and Hollywood every week.
        I would also like to say you may meet some of L.A.'s top chefs at the market on Weds. either at the mushroom stand or elswhere in the market. Mark Peel(sp) gives cooking advice on mushrooms if he ais asked, as do Josiah Citron and Nicolas Peters to name drop a few. Many others are there. As well you can learn about lots of interesting types of veggies from different farmers. We are a fun bunch mostly foodies.
        Thanx for the bandwidth.

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          By the way thanks u4ik for the plug. A good and loyal customer of many (5 -6 ?) years.

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            Vanessa On Town

            Thanks for the additional info gentlemen. You know, the guy at the mushroom stand did say they should be available through Valentine's day, I just had a brain lapse. Oh my gosh, the Chowhounds might banish me for distribution of misinformation. My bad. Regarding the ripening, I'm glad you confirmed that they should be refrigerated the whole time. I misundertood when he compared the ripening to that of an avocado. I certainly don't want' truffle guacamole. I will try to go to the Hollywood market this weekend, and perhaps I'll see you there. Thanks again!