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West of Norristown - eclectic

cantorron Feb 7, 2008 01:53 PM

I am having a first date with someone who lives in Audubon. We want eclectic and different, but neither of us knows where to go (both being newly single). Where might we go to make a good first impression on eachother? The food should be different and better than we can make in our own kitchens, and the atmosphere should be relatively calming, but not ostentatiously elegant.



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  1. e
    elayne5 RE: cantorron Feb 8, 2008 05:59 AM

    Search for some of the recent Phoenixville posts. There's quite a lot of new and really cool restaurants out there, and it's a short drive from Audubon. I know Majolica gets a lot of great reviews, although I haven't gotten there yet!

    1. mddletown RE: cantorron Feb 8, 2008 06:24 AM

      Check out this thread I have going on West Norriton. It should be exactly what you are looking for.

      1. n
        nevets RE: cantorron Feb 8, 2008 10:14 AM

        Definitely not eclectic, but...

        Parc Bistro in Skippack. There are two dining rooms upstairs, both somewhat intimate and attractive. The food is good but somewhat expensive (appetizers/salads ~$10, entrees ~$20-30, desserts ~$8). Plenty of parking behind the restaurant. You may also want to try Brassiere 73 in Skippack. If you can get a booth near the back of the dining room, you will have some privacy. Prices are a bit more than Parc Bistro.

        Majolica and Black Lab cafe are two good choices in Phoenixville. Parking can be a bit challenging but not impossible. Black Lab can be noisy. Majolica is a bit more intimate. Black Lab prices are similar to those for Parc Bistro. I have not been to Majolica in a while, but it is definitely more expensive than PB, B73 and BL.

        Zacharias Creekside has prices similar to Parc Bistro. The lights are a bit bright and the dining room is too open to be considered intimate, but there is plenty of space between the tables. Next to Zacharias is Fuzion which is also BYOB and has a more subdued atmosphere. Food is asian influenced and prices are a bit lower than those listed above.

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        1. re: nevets
          idia RE: nevets Feb 8, 2008 11:18 AM

          I agree with Majolica (and in fact am going myself Saturday night).
          Also hghly recommend Funky L'il Kitchen in Pottstown.

          1. re: idia
            mitchh RE: idia Feb 11, 2008 11:23 AM

            I'll somewhat second Funky L'il Kitchen. The food is good, but the menu is very limited. I was also disappointed with the desserts.

        2. f
          fanofood RE: cantorron Feb 8, 2008 12:11 PM

          I second Zacharias, they are geat. The menu is eclectic and playful enough to be excited. The specials are always exciting and the seem to be willing to suprise you upon request.

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          1. re: fanofood
            cantorron RE: fanofood Feb 9, 2008 07:46 PM

            You all are just never going to believe this, but this foodie had a meal of a different sort!!!!!!! I want to take her to Zacharias; it sounds like thet best choice if we were not so full of eachother that evening!@! Anyone know info that will help me Mapquest Zacharias? Later on, I'll report on a casual sushi restaurant in Audubon proper.

            1. re: cantorron
              fanofood RE: cantorron Feb 11, 2008 07:27 AM

              Zacharias is located on rt.73 from audobon take ridge to rt 363 which is valley fordge rd. Take 363 to rt. 73 and make a right. Zacharias is in the small shopping area on the right. Enjoy.

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