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Feb 7, 2008 01:47 PM

Breakfast on a Thursday in West Philly

I looked on the board and either I didn't have the right search terms or no one eats breakfast worth talking about in West Philly.

I need a sit down place that nice. I asked one person and they said if I had a car to go to Yock's at 57th and Chestnut for grits. I already know about Marathon and the Diner. What else is out there?

It needs to be open by 8:30.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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  1. Pier One Cafe on 45th and Baltimore is a small place and not fancy, but they have a full menu of eggs, etc. Service is pretty much one person cooking and serving, so be patient.

    a little different from what you might be thinking of. by Kaffa Cafe on 44/45 and Chestnut is really good Ethiopian in a nice coffee shop setting. Problem is, they have like 3 choices for breakfast: eggs, fava bean stew, or a combo of the 2. They have good coffee though. not sure when it opens.

    worst case -- Philly Diner, 39thish and Walnut. Huge and greasy and not spectacular food, but at least it will be open.

    1. The Restaurant School at 42nd & Walnut sells pastries and good coffee. They also have a person making omelets and pancakes/waffles in the courtyard. And it's cheap! the omelets are $5, I think, comes with potatoes and bacon. And I believe they're open by 7am.