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Feb 7, 2008 01:20 PM

Dining Near MIA Airport

Any decent dining in the vicinity of the airport? I'm open to all cuisine types

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  1. This really depends on how much time you have and exactly how far you are willing to go. La carreta in the airport is actually pretty solid.

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      I will be in town for 4 full days. I have decided to get a rental car so I can venture out further.

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        These are all a drive:

        Michys, Michaels (I like it less than most but I have only been once when it first opened, many think it is amongst the best Mia has to offer), Francesco, Ortanique, Graziano's (bird rd), Matsuri, River oyster bar, Tropical Chinese. I have not been but am dying to go to Il Gabbiano.

        Grimpa is a solid brazillian rodizio - if you have never been to one you should try this place one night.

        Then there the great chain steakhouses Mortons (My favorite), Capital Grille (Close second, many fight over Mortons vs Capital for best steakhouse steak in Mia).

        I did not include south beach. If you want to go, say so and I will give sobe recs. Keep in mind parking and traffic might be a pain in the neck if you go to sobe -- you can always valet at the higher end restaurants.

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          You should go to IL Gabianno, it is awesome - fresh & creative pasta with attentive service & killer views. They have valet service. The owners of this place are friendly & passionate about what they do. Let me know when you try it. The linguine bolognese & the lobster risotto is to die for.

    2. Not far from the airport is Chispa, they have a in Doral:

      There is not tons of restaurants by the airport. I would definitely second Michy's & Michael's & even North 110 in North Miami Beach. All of these are amazing chefs that put out creative food & have service to back it up which is hard to find in Miami.

      1. If you're looking for close to MIA then Coral Gables and Calle Ocho are both reasonably close. Gables is generally more upscale, Calle Ocho is the traditional place to find Cuban food.

        1. Basilico is an oustanding Italian restaurnant that's located on 36th street...on the northisde of MIA....It's run by Argentenians....high-quality, high-end Italian food....packed out everyday....tough to get a table....And the owners that run the floor there are a bit on the cocky side...But the food is very good...been there several times....prices reasonable...In a strip mall....parking is an issue....But the good makes it worth your while.....I've been to "Catch of The Day"...which is located on LeJeune Road...which runs north and south on the east parameter of MIA.....Its hardly a gourmet place but what I've eaten there has been reasonably good.....


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            I second Basilico. You can see the runways from in front of the restaurant. Never noticed any cockiness by the staff, but I always go early, before the crowds.

          2. Another suggestion that came to mind right after my last post was a new Uruguayan steak house called "Don Davis"...It's located near my warehouse on NW 79th Ave. and NW 12th Street....I think there may be more than one location of these....This is an interesting new place....serving steaks at reasonable prices....Similar to what you would find at an Argentinian-style steak house......Not what I would call "high end"...but the food is reliable and steaks are cooked to order each and every time....Vacio...Entrana...and such....They also have an extensive inventory of Chilean, Spanish and Argentinian wines as well.....Service and be iffy at times....But a a very solid place....


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              Yes, Don Davis has another location - on SW 8th Street (Tamiami) by 127th Avenue (or is it 122nd?). It's in the same shopping strip as Winn-Dixie and VALSAN. Near Don Davis, few storefronts down, there's also Essential Apothecary, a homey teahouse with vegetarian food offerings that taste literally homemade, not restaurant made. The staff is friendly and to date, the best thing there is the hummus that's made on site. Stop by to check out the herbs and natural medicine stuff that's being overseen by a Miccosukee Indian.