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Nov 6, 2001 02:31 AM

Birthday Dinner Suggestions in Redondo Beach/Torrance Area

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I need suggestions for a restaurant for a bday dinner celebration. About 15 people are going to attend.

Good food is important -- anything but CHinese food is good.

I'd like it to be in the Redondo Beach/El Segundo/Torrance/Long Beach/Marina Del Ray area.

Thanks guys!

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    Carolyn Tillie

    You didn't indicate if there was a budget. If not, Kincade's on the Redondo Beach Pier is pretty fabulous. During the month of October, they were showcasing seafood from around the world (and I tasted some pretty intense steamed clams that were divine), but it is always hard for me NOT to order their Venison.

    Less expensive? I wrote about Cafe Brasserie a not too long ago. Also in Redondo, above the Whole Foods/Rite Aid strip mall area. Lovely.

    I could go on, but those are walking distance to me so they are the first that come to mind that I REALLY like...

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    1. re: Carolyn Tillie
      Mike Kilgore

      Hi Carolyn, my wife, surly chowteen and I went to Kincaid's on Saturday night after the delivery in San Pedro for my wife's store. We all really liked our food, and that has been the case each of the 5 or 6 times we have been there. I had the ono, but asked for garlic mashed potatoes instead of the rice. Sean got his favorite, halibut and my wife tried the rock shrimp in pasta. We always get the hot crab dip appetizer and fight over it like hungry lions. Good drinks too, as I have noted before. Not cheap by any measure, but worth the price. I actually looked at the venison description, and almost ordered it. Now, the next time, I will be sure to try it.

      1. re: Mike Kilgore
        Carolyn Tillie

        It tends to be kinda funny for me... they have fabulous seafood but it is always so hard NOT to get that Venison. I remember, when I was first brought there by R.Foss when they first opened, there was a Pheasant special too...

        Ah, I love game...

        1. re: Carolyn Tillie
          Mike Kilgore

          Game for anything, or is it Anything for game? :-D

      2. re: Carolyn Tillie

        I agree with the recommendation of Kincades, but I would also suggest the new Bluewater Grill at
        665 North Harbor Drive
        Redondo Beach, CA 90277
        (310) 318-FISH (3474)

      3. Not really clear what the nature of this celebration is -- are people paying individually, what do they like, etc?

        Towards the end of finding a fun, relatively crowd-pleasing while still being worthwhile on a food level restaurants, I'd suggest:

        Rock in Marina Del Rey -- Fun, moderately priced offshoot of Rockenwagner. Pan-European/Asian influenced food. Great appetizers, unusual pizzas, open and cool space.


        Aimee's (on PCH) in Redondo Beach -- French bistro overseen by a hyper-friendly woman named Aimee.

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        1. re: Jeff Shore

          I think Aimee's is a good suggestion - I think it may only be open for dinner, so call first if you are goign during the day.

          In old Torrance, The Depot is great, and across the street is Aioli which is also very pleasant. I haven't been to Splash in Redondo in a while, and they may have had a chef change, but they did serve a good meal.

          Last, you might try Zazou in Rivera Village. It is the sister restaurant of Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach. The menus are similar if not identical.

          1. re: David L
            Richard Foss

            Splash has moved from a wildly eclectic place to one with an Italian/French axis and a few modern touches... I haven't been there in a while but last time I was the food was very good. The room is lovely, and the experience is not rushed.

            Cafe Brasserie just had a change of chef, but the one report I have had said that the food is still good. Lunch on their flower-filled patio is a splendid experience despite the fact that the view is of the parking lot.

            Aimee's is completely reliable and will fit that budget - if you like bistro food served in a somewhat crowded but friendly place, this is the place to go.

            Zazou has an upstairs room that would be a good choice for a private party, but you'd risk going over-budget there.

            (Sorry for the brevity, life has been hectic and this is the first time I have been on the board in almost a week.)

            1. re: David L
              Carolyn Tillie

              Warning on Zazou -- back in June, it was shut down by the Health Department and subsequently had a "C" rating. Don't know if its changed yet, but that worried me!

          2. Hey Thx for the replies guys :)

            We're gonna pay individually - and we're all college students/young professionals.

            Budget is anything under $35 a person.

            keep 'em coming guys! :)

            1. Rock'N Fish in Manhattan Beach
              Chez Melange in Redondo Beach
              Il Boccacio in Redondo Beach