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Feb 7, 2008 01:00 PM

Lunch options in Norristown

I work in Norristown, and I'm looking for some new places to get a good lunch.

Places I'm sick of: Bear Rock, Baja Fresh, Michaels, Blue Sky, Panera, Blue Fin, Sessano's, Rocco's, Main Street, La Michoachana, Lee's Hoagie House, Olympia, Isaac and Steve's, the Indian place by Baja Fresh, and the Thai Place by Genaurdi's.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Ya gotta go to Eve's Lunch right by Kennedy Kenrick high school on Johnson Highway. They just reopened after moving from Sandy Hill Road. The cheesesteak zep is awesome as are the meatball sandwiches with provolone.

    2 of us had lunch there today, grand total $12.50.

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    1. re: Den

      Dang, I remember Eve's from when I lived in that area 30 years ago. If they're still as good as they were back then, I absolutely second your recommendation.


      1. re: Den

        Thanks Den, you weren't lying about the cheesesteak zep at Eve's, it was really good

        1. re: pedroski

          Try the meatball sandwich with provolone next.

      2. how far can you go? if you're heading down to baja fresh area, could you come a little further to a taste of india in wayne (gateway shopping center)? if you can go that far (and the buffet can be quick) then your options expand a bit. there's also a five guys in that shopping center that does nothing for me personally (vegetarian) but is always packed. hrm, there was a fabulous chinese place along the side of that shopping center, but the last two times i've been around it's been closed.

        also, if conshy isn't too far i used to love going to on a roll, and that chinese place not too far - was it china king II? man i used to love them when i lived around the corner. there was also stonewell on ridge, the korean/japanese place.

        anyway, me personally, when i actually do escape from work for lunch, i like to stray far. i work in wayne, but you'll often find me munching in newtown square or malvern or phoenixville.

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        1. re: rabidog

          If you are talking about the Chinese restaurant on the side of the Gateway Shopping Center near the gas station (I think it used to be called something Gardens, or Manchurian something or other), it has been closed for awhile. Now, there is nothing there resembling any sort of restaurant as though the realty owner for the center has replaced that space with something non-restaurant oriented. If pedroski wants a treat for Asian food, why not try Shangi-la or Lotus Inn on Swedesford Rd. just minutes from the Gateway Shopping Center? There are many other restaurants on that road serving more traditional American style food.

          I wonder how you can make it down to Newtown Square and back to Wayne so quickly during a lunch hour???!!!!

          Your remark about TOI - for the buffet - a quick in and out - no so at the end of the week during peak lunch times!! If you get there behind the crowd, you will have to rush through your meal. If you went to Bawarchi or Chinnar for the buffet, you can definitely get in and out due to the smaller amount of people that patronize those places.

          I assume the Indian restaurant by Baja was Aman's?

          Depending on what part of Norristown you are talking about, as you know, if you are heading out towards Wayne, you may have to pass through King of Prussia, with its various places to eat, few of which are moderately priced as what you would get on the Germantown Pike strip, but there are some interesting places in the court, especially that large gourmet piazza type place near the Cheesecake Factory at its nearby entrance with various places that serve various gourmet versions of different kinds of cuisine, offering foods ranging from gourmet gelato flavors, to gourmet pizza, freshly squeezed juices, Asian dishes, etc. Many restaurants in the Court offering upscale food, too.

          If you want to try exotic beers from all parts of the world, there is always Michael's Deli, but you may not be able to return to work.

          1. re: FelafelBoy

            ah, i take a lunch "hour" - with hour translating into whatever it takes me the one out of every five days i actually do take lunch! :) the place in newtown square i CAN actually make in under an hour - it's a cut above deli, and i just love the simple tomato/moz/oil sandwich on sarcone's bread. there are no tables, take-out only, but worth the drive and i've usually eaten my sandwich in the car on my way back to the office.

            thai pepper in wayne - now THAT's a long lunch. i don't think they understand the business lunch concept! we were there for over two hours recently!

            the chinese place - now i remember it - it was new lee garden. i've been to shangri-la (good mango fried rice) and lotus inn (didn't really like it, may have to give it another chance though)... what i really want is a good chinese takeout spot somewhere in the area (delivery service would be a plus!). i've been to the one in chesterbrook shopping center and it didn't come close to new lee garden. i'll miss that place. the buffet was always crowded, i wonder why they closed.

        2. based on your list, seems you'll go in a few directions. In Blue Bell is Mirna's Cafe & Pho Thai Nam- not too far from some you mentioned.

          1. I haven't been in a while, but August Moon on Main St. used to have pretty good Japanese and Korean dishes. And I know there is a cooking school that serves lunch somewhere in Norristown, b/c my dad likes to go there sometimes. And although nothing is popping in to my head I am quite sure you can get some good Mexican.

            1. There's a place, I can't remember the name, but it's on the south side of Main Street in Norristown, about half a block east of the intersection with Penn Street. Been there forever (since the 1940s or 1950s I think), kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but still reliably good grub.

              Also, if you'd like to kind of take a trip back in time, I understand that Montgomery Lunch is still in business.

              I remember a place called Nac's on West Marshall Street that had great hoagies (excuse me, "zeps," I forgot we were talking about Norristown), but it's probably long gone.

              Of course, with a bit of a drive, there's Pudge's on Route 202 and the "2" version in West Norriton.

              Jeez, I'm getting hungry, talking about those places. Until you move away from the Philadelphia area, you don't realize what a Sandwich Heaven that place is.


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              1. re: Redstone

                Redstone--You might be thinking of Lou's Steaks and Zeps on E. Main St. It's just east of Walnut; Penn parallels Main St.

                1. re: Philly

                  Yes, thank you for the correction; I actually meant the intersection of Arch & Main.

                  And yes, it's Lou's. Being on this board brings back SO many memories of such great places I went to when I lived down there...I need to go back more frequently.