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Feb 7, 2008 12:53 PM

Ethnic to stay away from V-Day crowds?

My parents are coming into town next Thursday (Valentine's Day), and I need a few recommendations on where to take them for dinner that wouldn't require reservations and wouldn't be crowded with couples.

Arlington, Falls Church, DC are all options, and I was thinking maybe Ethiopian, Indian (Rasika is obviously out because of the holiday), Korean, or Turkish/Lebanese? We haven't been to an Ethiopian place at all so I would love recommendations, and we're not well versed on good Indian in the area. I assume for Korean, somewhere in 7 corners would be the answer?

I would appreciate suggestions!

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  1. Last year my boyfriend and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Sakana, for a low key V-Day. We were able to get a table by just walking in, as usual.

    For Thai I would check out either Mai Thai or Regent Thai both in the Dupont Circle area.

    For Indian I really like Heritage in Dupont Circle. It's a large restaurant and I'm usually able to get a table just walking in but you might want to consider making a reservation just to play it safe.

    1. For Korean, you want to go to Annandale.

      In Seven Corners, you could go to Eden Center (Vietnamese).

      1. For Ethiopian on V-day, no better place than Etete or perhaps Queen Makeda. Queen Makeda has a more comfortable, homey interior while Etete is more refined and modern. The food at Etete is a lot better, particularly their vegetarian combination which is probably the best in the city (I'm a vegan and have eaten at nearly all the local spots and you can find my reviews on this board if you search). In any case they are both located in "Little Ethiopia" around 9th and U St.