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Feb 7, 2008 12:37 PM

Favorite cheeses at DiBruno

Making a DiBruno trip this weekend and looking to try some new cheeses. Anything but blue!

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  1. The best way to find a great cheese at DiBruno's is to talk to the guys and tell them what you like and what you're going to eat it with (if anything). They'll steer you towards the right one. This is kind of hard on the weekend though when the place is packed with customers.

    1. Prima Donna, 3 year aged Gouda, burrata from Claudio's...

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        Love the Prima Donna! And I do love their spreads as well The Abruzzi is sort of spicy, but they have a good port wine that I also enjoy. Plus a gorgonzola spread. The spreads do last quite a while in the frig, and are big hits at parties.

      2. DiBruno's also carries Prima Donna...a wonderful cheese with crackers but also with candied pecans which you can also get at DiBruno's. Some of my faves...

        Prima Donna - a hard age gouda from Holland

        Taleggio - an Italian soft cheese. Get some and spread it on cut figs...awesome.

        Cacciacavallo - an Italian semi hard cheese

        Fontina - an Italian soft cheese

        Also, try the DiBruno's Abruzze spread. It's also great just put on top of pasta.

        If you have time, go just around the corner to Fiorella's sausage, IMO, the best sausage in the city.

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          My son likes Murcia al Vino and Garrotxa, two Spanish goat cheeses, and also a six year Gouda they sell. They also have another cheese that is like Murcia al Vino with wine that runs through it that is great but very pricy. If Seth is there at the Rittenhouse store, ask for him, he's the expert!

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            Seth is my man... also the leprechaun is great. In the Italian Market look for the dude with the horrible tribal piercings.

        2. If you are going to DiBruno's on Chestnut St and you like the Prima Donna and the Mozerella, then go across the street on 18th to Sue's and buy your cheese there. it is from Claudio's and is much cheaper and fresher. Just dont tell too many folks.