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Feb 7, 2008 12:13 PM

Best Sunday Brunch (SEA)

So I am currently looking for the knock-out best Sunday Brunch in Seattle. To me there are two categories for brunch. There is the good and hearty order off the menu type place and then there are the buffets. Suggestions for both are more than welcomed.

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  1. do a search for brunch on the board and you will find some recent threads. for off the menu i say Veil and for a buffet you can't beat 6/7 on the water in the edgewater hotel.
    you can thank me later.

    1. I vote either Salty's on Alki or Library Bistro. Seattle Metropolitan mag voted Calcutta Grill, Salish Lodge, and Salty's for the best breakfast spread just a little bit ago. They had a whole special section on breakfast in Seattle, a place recommended for any occasion or mood. I was glad to see Cafe Presse won best omelet. =)

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      1. re: StripperingGourmet

        Have to say that I tried Salty's on Alki and Yes, it was the best breakfast spread around. So much seafood and hot dishes. Wins my vote!

      2. My favorite breakfast in Seattle is at Lola.

        I'm not a fan of buffets, but I prefer Ivar's Salmon House (on Northlake) to Salty's.

        Actually, I think dim sum at Jade Garden (in the ID) or Noble Court (Bellevue) is a better way to go than any buffet.

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        1. re: terrier

          Terrier, how does Jade Garden compare to House of Hong? We go to the latter b/c they offer parking, a tight commodity in the ID.

          Never considered Lola for brunch. Will have to check it out.

          1. re: Finspot

            if you're looking for parking, Tea Garden (rainier and dearborn) and O'Asian also offer parking with their dimsum. Tilth does a nice (non-buffet) Sunday brunch.

          2. re: terrier

            I am not a big fan of the American breakfast, so Dim Sum is a serious brunch option for me. Bacon and eggs are so over rated.

            But as far a brunch buffets go, I do enjoy Ivar’s on the waterfront. They offer a solid assortment of non-breakfasty foods; shellfish, chicken, cheese, chowder (of course). It’s a little bit of a spend, and a maybe a bit touristy, but I do enjoy going there on occasion. I think they only started doing the brunch about a year ago, or so.

            The Bloody Marys are not too shabby either.