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Feb 7, 2008 12:10 PM

Anyone try PC Two-Bite Brownies -- Blue Menu version?

I just saw them today at Loblaws. There's a whole table of "good for you" Blue Menu baked goods including Orange Soy muffins. The Blue Menu brownies have almost half the fat of regular ones and are made with whole wheat flour.

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  1. no, but one of my favourite under 1 minute recipes is 2 (regular) 2 bit brownies in a cup in the microwave for 15 or so seconds topped with a scoop or 2 or the PC choc crackle vanilla ice cream....mmmm
    (add berries on top if you have an extra minute)

    1. I bought a package and tried some. They're okay, a bit rubbery in texture and not as buttery tasting as the regular brownies. But they'll do. They also fit into my current diet of low simple carbs.

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        We bought some yesterday. Ditto what merlot143 said. They are defintely on the chewy side and not as rich tasting. But, if you don't want the calories then you have to give a little, kwim?

        My kids on the other hand, couldn't tell the difference. Since I am the worst baker in the world, I would buy these again.